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1. Geminoid: Teleoperated Android of an Existing Person

By Shuichi Nishio, Hiroshi Ishiguro and Norihiro Hagita

Part of book: Humanoid Robots

2. A Performance Review of 3D TOF Vision Systems in Comparison to Stereo Vision Systems

By Stephan Hussmann, Thorsten Ringbeck and Bianca Hagebeuker

Part of book: Stereo Vision

3. Locomotion Analysis of Hexapod Robot

By Xilun Ding, Zhiying Wang, Alberto Rovetta and J.M. Zhu

Part of book: Climbing and Walking Robots


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1. Non-Monotonic Reasoning on Board a Sony AIBO

By David Billington, Vladimir Estivill-Castro, Rene Hexel and Andrew Rock

Part of book: Robotic Soccer

2. Probabilistic and Statistical Layered Approach for High-Level Decision Making in Soccer Simulation Robotics

By Carlos Bustamante and Leonardo Garrido

Part of book: Robotic Soccer

3. Desktop Robot Soccer

By Frederic Maire, Joaquin Sitte and Narongdech Keeratipranon

Part of book: Robotic Soccer

4. Task Management for Soft Real-Time Applications Based on General Purpose Operating Systems

By Paulo Pedreiras and Luis Almeida

Part of book: Robotic Soccer

5. Analysing the Difficulty of Learning Goal-Scoring Behaviour for Robot Soccer

By Jeff Riley and Vic Ciesielski

Part of book: Robotic Soccer

6. Impossibles: A Fully Autonomous Four-Legged Robot Soccer Team

By Hamid Reza Vaezi Joze, Jafar Habibi and Nima Asadi

Part of book: Robotic Soccer

7. Collaborative Localization and Gait Optimization of SharPKUngfu Team

By Qining Wang, Chunxia Rong, Guangming Xie and Long Wang

Part of book: Robotic Soccer

8. PFC Fuzzy Decision-Making Control and Its Application to Car-Like Mobile Vehicle

By You-gen Chen, Seiji Yasunobu, Wei-hua Gui, Ren-yongWei and Zhi-yong Li

Part of book: Mobile Robots Navigation

9. Approaches to Door Identification for Robot Navigation

By E. Jauregi, E. Lazkano and B. Sierra

Part of book: Mobile Robots Navigation

10. Neural Networks Based Navigation and Control of a Mobile Robot in a Partially Known Environment

By Diana D. Tsankova

Part of book: Mobile Robots Navigation

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