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1. Intention-Based Walking Support for Paraplegia Patients with Robot Suit HAL

By Kenta Suzuki, Gouji Mito, Hiroaki Kawamoto, Yasuhisa Hasegawa and Yoshiyuki Sankai

Part of book: Climbing and Walking Robots

2. Geminoid: Teleoperated Android of an Existing Person

By Shuichi Nishio, Hiroshi Ishiguro and Norihiro Hagita

Part of book: Humanoid Robots

3. Limit Cycle Walking

By Daan G.E. Hobbelen and Martijn Wisse

Part of book: Humanoid Robots


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1. Trends in Robotics and Automation in Construction

By Carlos Balaguer and Mohamed Abderrahim

Part of book: Robotics and Automation in Construction

2. The Next-Generation Surgical Robots

By Zheng Wang, Sicong Liu, Jing Peng and Michael Zhiqiang Chen

Part of book: Surgical Robotics

3. City-Climber: A New Generation Wall-Climbing Robots

By Jizhong Xiao and Ali Sadegh

Part of book: Climbing and Walking Robots

4. Robot Attack on Vascular Surgery

By Petr Stadler

Part of book: Medical Robotics

5. Force Estimation for Teleoperating Industrial Robots

By Enrique del Sol Acero

Part of book: Automation and Control Trends

6. Omnidirectional Mobile Robot - Design and Implementation

By Ioan Doroftei, Victor Grosu and Veaceslav Spinu

Part of book: Bioinspiration and Robotics

7. Watch Your Step! Terrain Traversability for Robot Control

By Mauro Bellone

Part of book: Robot Control

8. Operational Validation of Search and Rescue Robots

By Geert De Cubber, Daniela Doroftei, Haris Balta, Anibal Matos, Eduardo Silva, Daniel Serrano, Shashank Govindaraj, Rui Roda, Victor Lobo, Mário Marques and Rene Wagemans

Part of book: Search and Rescue Robotics

9. Flight Control Development and Test for an Unconventional VTOL UAV

By Yang Wang, Changle Xiang, Yue Ma and Bin Xu

Part of book: Autonomous Vehicle

10. An Open Architecture for the Integration of UAV Civil Applications

By E. Pastor, C. Barrado, P. Royo, J. Lopez and E. Santamaria

Part of book: Aerial Vehicles