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1. Automatic Control of the Structure of Dynamic Objects in High-Voltage Power Smart-Grid

By Andrey Petrovich Nikiforov

Part of book: Automation and Control [Working Title]

2. Wavelet Neural Networks for Speed Control of BLDC Motor

By Ameer L. Saleh, Adel A. Obed, Hamza H. Qasim, Waleed I.H. Breesam, Yasir I.A. Al-Yasir, Naser Ojaroudi Parchin and Raed A. Abd-Alhameed

Part of book: Automation and Control [Working Title]

3. Development of Ellipsoidal Analysis and Filtering Methods for Nonlinear Control Stochastic Systems

By Igor N. Sinitsyn, Vladimir I. Sinitsyn and Edward R. Korepanov

Part of book: Automation and Control [Working Title]

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Most cited chapters in this category

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1. Intention-Based Walking Support for Paraplegia Patients with Robot Suit HAL

By Kenta Suzuki, Gouji Mito, Hiroaki Kawamoto, Yasuhisa Hasegawa and Yoshiyuki Sankai

Part of book: Climbing and Walking Robots

2. Geminoid: Teleoperated Android of an Existing Person

By Shuichi Nishio, Hiroshi Ishiguro and Norihiro Hagita

Part of book: Humanoid Robots: New Developments

3. Limit Cycle Walking

By Daan G.E. Hobbelen and Martijn Wisse

Part of book: Humanoid Robots, Human-like Machines


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. Robin Heart - Perspectives of Application of Mini Invasive Tools in Cardiac Surgery

By Zbigniew Nawrat and Pawel Kostka

Part of book: Medical Robotics

2. Fundamental Research on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Support Precision Agriculture in Oil Palm Plantations

By Redmond Ramin Shamshiri, Ibrahim A. Hameed, Siva K. Balasundram, Desa Ahmad, Cornelia Weltzien and Muhammad Yamin

Part of book: Agricultural Robots - Fundamentals and Applications

3. UAV for Landmine Detection Using SDR-Based GPR Technology

By Manuel Ricardo Pérez Cerquera, Julian David Colorado Montaño and Iván Mondragón

Part of book: Robots Operating in Hazardous Environments

4. Mobile Robot Position Determination

By Farouk Azizi and Nasser Houshangi

Part of book: Recent Advances in Mobile Robotics

5. Prototypic Force Feedback Instrument for Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery

By Ulrich Seibold, Bernhard Kuebler and Gerd Hirzinger

Part of book: Medical Robotics

6. Robots in Agriculture: State of Art and Practical Experiences

By Juan Jesús Roldán, Jaime del Cerro, David Garzón‐Ramos, Pablo Garcia‐Aunon, Mario Garzón, Jorge de León and Antonio Barrientos

Part of book: Service Robots

7. Forward and Inverse Kinematics Using Pseudoinverse and Transposition Method for Robotic Arm DOBOT

By Ondrej Hock and Jozef Šedo

Part of book: Kinematics

8. Robot Mapping and Navigation by Fusing Sensory Information

By Maki K. Habib

Part of book: Mobile Robots: Perception & Navigation

9. Optimization of NOE Flights Sensors and Their Integration

By Tamilselvam Nallusamy and Prasanalakshmi Balaji

Part of book: Advances in Human and Machine Navigation Systems

10. Extending the Limits of the Random Exploration Graph for Efficient Autonomous Exploration in Unknown Environments

By Alfredo Toriz Palacios and Abraham Sánchez López

Part of book: Path Planning for Autonomous Vehicles - Ensuring Reliable Driverless Navigation and Control Maneuver