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1. Intention-Based Walking Support for Paraplegia Patients with Robot Suit HAL

By Kenta Suzuki, Gouji Mito, Hiroaki Kawamoto, Yasuhisa Hasegawa and Yoshiyuki Sankai

Part of book: Climbing and Walking Robots

2. Geminoid: Teleoperated Android of an Existing Person

By Shuichi Nishio, Hiroshi Ishiguro and Norihiro Hagita

Part of book: Humanoid Robots

3. Limit Cycle Walking

By Daan G.E. Hobbelen and Martijn Wisse

Part of book: Humanoid Robots


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1. Error Modeling and Accuracy of TAU Robot

By Hongliang Cui, Zhenqi Zhu, Zhongxue Gan and Torgny Brogardh

Part of book: Parallel Manipulators

2. Impossibles: A Fully Autonomous Four-Legged Robot Soccer Team

By Hamid Reza Vaezi Joze, Jafar Habibi and Nima Asadi

Part of book: Robotic Soccer

3. Assessment of the Impressions of Robot Bodily Expressions Using Electroencephalogram Measurement of Brain Activity

By A. Khiat, M. Toyota, Y. Matsumoto and T. Ogasawara

Part of book: Humanoid Robots

4. Interaction between a Human and an Anthropomorphized Object

By Hirotaka Osawa and Michita Imai

Part of book: Human-Robot Interaction

5. Emotion Mimicry in Humanoid Robots Using Computational Theory of Perception

By Mohsen Davoudi, Mehdi Davoudi and Nima Seif Naraghi

Part of book: Humanoid Robots

6. An Approach to Distributed Component-Based Software for Robotics

By A. C. Domínguez-Brito, J. Cabrera-Gámez, J. D. Hernández-Sosa, J. Isern-González and E. Fernández-Perdomo

Part of book: Robotic Systems

7. Predictor Based Control Strategy for Wheeled Mobile Robots Subject to Transport Delay

By Alejandro Alvarez-Aguirre

Part of book: Remote and Telerobotics

8. Time-Scaling of SISO and MIMO Discrete-Time Systems

By Bogdan Grzywacz

Part of book: New Approaches in Automation and Robotics

9. Robust Global Urban Localization Based on Road Maps

By Jose Guivant, Mark Whitty and Alicia Robledo

Part of book: Robot Localization and Map Building

10. An Open Architecture for the Integration of UAV Civil Applications

By E. Pastor, C. Barrado, P. Royo, J. Lopez and E. Santamaria

Part of book: Aerial Vehicles