Janusz Bȩdkowski

Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences

Janusz Będkowski is a distinguished scholar with a DSc and Ph.D. in mobile robotics. Currently, he is a researcher at the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Science. Dr. Będkowski has a wealth of experience in the practical and theoretical aspects of simultaneous localization and mapping applications on a global scale. His current work focuses on the use of autonomous mobile mapping methodologies to integrate geodesy, cartography, geoscience, and mobile robotics from an end-user perspective. Dr. Będkowski actively participates in the European Land Robotic Trial (ELROB) and the European Robotics Hackathon (ENRICH). Additionally, he contributes to open-source projects such as: https://github.com/JanuszBedkowski/gpu_computing_in_robotics, https://github.com/JanuszBedkowski/observation_equations, and https://github.com/MapsHD.

Janusz Bȩdkowski

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This book presents recent research advances in autonomous mobile mapping robots, covering a range of topics. These include unconventional trajectories for mobile 3D scanning, key software components such as lidar odometry, look closure, pose graph SLAM, map refinement, path planning, and coverage algorithms. The book also explores multi-robot mapping and scalable algorithms for simultaneous localization and mapping. Finally, it delves into real-world applications like aerial 3D mapping and automotive SLAM in urban environments.

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Autonomous Mobile Mapping Robots IntechOpen
Autonomous Mobile Mapping Robots Edited by Janusz Bȩdkowski

Autonomous Mobile Mapping Robots

Edited by Janusz Bȩdkowski

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Mobile Robots Control Architectures, Bio-Interfacing, Navig... Edited by Janusz Bȩdkowski

Mobile Robots

Edited by Janusz Bȩdkowski