Igor Sheremet

Russian Academy of Sciences

Prof. Dr. Igor A. Sheremet is a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and a scientific supervisor and chair of the Science-Technological Board of the National Computer Corporation (NCC), Russia. His main areas of research are systems analysis, artificial intelligence, data science, and digital economy. He is a co-chair of the Advanced Mathematical Tools for Data-Driven Applied Systems Analysis task group established by the Committee on Data (CODATA) of the International Science Council (ISC), a vice-chair of the Committee for Systems Analysis of the RAS, and a vice-chair of the RAS Scientific Board for Robotics and Mechatronics. During 2014–2020 he was a member of the Science Advisory Committee (SAC) of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). During 2020–2022 he was a chair of the joint CODATA-IIASA working group Big Data and Systems Analysis.

Igor Sheremet

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This book discusses multi-agent technologies (MATs) and machine learning (ML). These tools can be integrated and applied in industry, commerce, energy, medicine, psychology, and other areas. This volume consists of six chapters in three sections that discuss the integration, applications, and advanced results of MATs and ML.

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