Igor Sheremet

Russian Foundation for Basic Research

Dr. Igor Sheremet was born 23/03/1956 in Minsk region, Belarus. He has finished his education at the Academy by Peter The Great, department of electronics and computer science (1977), and at the Russian Presidential Academy, department of state financial policy (2006). He is a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), a professor, a deputy director for science of Russian foundation for basic research (RFBR), a deputy chair of RAS Systems analysis committee and of RAS Science board on robotics and mechatronics. Dr. Sheremet is also a Co-Chair of the Task Group “Advanced Mathematical Tools for Data-Driven Applied Systems Analysis” of Committee on Data (CODATA) of International Council for Science (ICSU) and an active member of the Science Advisory Committee of International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). During 1977-1993 he has developed a theory and an implementational background of the Augmented Post Systems (APS), providing creation and maintenance of distributed intelligent middleware with very large knowledge and databases. During 1994-2014 Dr. Sheremet has developed and implemented a family of APS-based non-conventional computer architectures, providing deep integration of Multi-Agent Systems, Internet of Things and Big Data paradigms and efficient operation in highly volatile environments. Since 2005 he is successfully developing the theory of recursive multi-sets being a result of the convergence of classical optimization theory and modern knowledge engineering. Main areas of application of this theory are the future digital economy, data-driven applied systems analysis, large socio-technological systems, resource-driven games, as well as the assessment of large economical systems sustainability and vulnerability to various destructive impacts (poor decision making, natural hazards, terror, etc.). Dr. Sheremet has also received several awards, including the L.Euler medal by European Academy of Natural Sciences (2011), Russian Federation Zhukov State Prize (2013), Gold medal and Diploma Di Merito for exceptional achievements by European Scientific-Industrial Chamber (2016), Russian Government Prize (2018).

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