Advancing discovery in Open Access for the scientists by the scientists

Our Values

The values of our business are based on the same ones that any scientist applies to their research. We have created a culture of respect, collegiality and collaboration within an atmosphere that’s relaxed, friendly and progressive.

  • Integrity - We are consistent and dependable, always striving for precision and accuracy in the true spirit of science.
  • Openness - We communicate honestly and transparently. We’re open to constructive criticism and committed to learning from it.
  • Disruptiveness - We are hungry for discovery, for new ideas and for progression. We approach our work with creativity and determination, with a clear vision that drives us forward. We look beyond today and strive instead for a better tomorrow.

Our Team

Co-founded by Alex Lazinica, CEO, and Vedran Kordic, CTO, we care about the advance of science. As PhD researchers in Vienna, we found it difficult to access the scholarly research we needed, and we enthusiastically created IntechOpen with a goal to put the academic needs of a global research community before the business needs of publishers. Our team is now global and consists of additional scientists, publishers, experts in disseminating your research, and business people.

But, one thing is common -- we are all scientists at heart!

Alex Lazinica

Alex Lazinica is the founder and CEO of IntechOpen. After obtaining a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, he continued his PhD studies in Robotics at the Vienna University of Technology. Here he worked as a robotic researcher with the university's Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Group as well as a guest researcher at various European universities, including the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL). During this time he published more than 20 scientific papers, gave presentations, served as a reviewer for major robotic journals and conferences and most importantly he co-founded and built the International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems- world's first Open Access journal in the field of robotics. Starting this journal was a pivotal point in his career, since it was a pathway to founding IntechOpen - Open Access publisher focused on addressing academic researchers needs. Alex is a personification of IntechOpen key values being trusted, open and entrepreneurial. Today his focus is on defining the growth and development strategy for the company.

Vedran Kordic

Vedran Kordic is the founder and Board member of IntechOpen. After obtaining his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering he continued his education at the Vienna University of Technology where he obtained his PhD degree in 2004. He worked as a researcher at the Automation and Control Institute, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Vienna University of Technology until 2008. His studies in robotics lead him not only to a PhD degree but also inspired him to co-found and build the International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems - world's first Open Access journal in the field of robotics. Vedran's background and experience remain crucial for the company's development as he is continuously engaged with overseeing the IT department.

Sara Uhac

Sara Uhac was appointed Managing Director of IntechOpen at the beginning of 2014. She directs and controls the company’s operations. Sara joined IntechOpen in 2010 as Head of Journal Publishing, a newly introduced department yet to be strategically developed at that time. After obtaining a Master's degree in Media Management, she completed her PhD at the University of Lugano (Switzerland). She holds a BA in Financial Market Management from the Bocconi University in Milan (Italy) where she started her career in the American publishing house Condé Nast and further collaborated with the UK-based publishing company Time Out. Furthermore, Sara was awarded with a professional degree in Publishing from Yale University (2012). She is a member of the professional branch association of "Publishers, Designers and Graphic Artists" at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

Mirena Bagur

Mirena Bagur joined IntechOpen in 2017 to elevate awareness about scientific publishing of Open Access books and about IntechOpen. Prior to this, Mirena founded CONTeXO Group in 2005, where she led a team of technology and start-up experts, advising technology-inspired clients on business strategy and product development execution, and making it possible to position them for early-stage funding. Passionate about innovation, Mirena is active in the Boston technology and start-up ecosystem. She has been on the Board/Advisory Board member of The Capital Network; sat on the health tech steering committee at the MIT Enterprise Forum; and has been a reviewer, judge and mentor at various business competitions. In addition, as the Course Co-director of the joint Harvard-MIT Division of Health, Sciences, and Technology course HST.921 "Enabling Technology Innovation in Health Care System and the Life Sciences,” she has developed curriculum and managed execution of academic program and real-world innovation projects with graduate students.  Prior to this, Mirena held a management role, as a senior vice president at Weber Shandwick, a leading global marketing communications agency. She was chosen to lead national-level initiatives designed to elevate Weber Shandwick’s brand and to increase visibility in new markets (as well as in new geographies, resulting in numerous referrals and revenue increase. Mirena holds a masters degree in international trade and marketing from the University of Zagreb, School of Economics, Croatia, and has completed a strategic business leadership program at the Columbia University. She enjoys singing and skiing with family and friends, and is involved in numerous non-profit organizations, including the New England Friends of Croatia. 

Adrian Assad De Marco

Adrian Assad De Marco joined the company as the Publishing Process Director in 2017. With his longtime experience in management, acquired while working for regional and global leaders, he easily took over direction and control of company's Publishing Processes. He values work in regard to achievements as well as its influence on satisfaction and motivation of peers and seniors. Adrian holds a degree in Economy and Management from the University of Zagreb, School of Economics, Croatia. As a former sportsman, he continualy strives to advance his skills through professional courses and specializations such NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming).