Dragan Cvetković

Singidunum University

Dragan Cvetković graduated in Aeronautics from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, in 1988. He defended his doctoral dissertation in December 1997. He has published 64 books, scripts and practicums about computers and computer programs, aviation weapons and flight mechanics. He has also published a large number of scientific papers, both nationally and internationally. In 2014, he became a full professor in the field of Informatics and Computing at Singidunum University, Belgrade. Previously he had served as an assistant professor. He has been Vice Rector for Teaching at the same university since 2019.

8books edited

4chapters authored

Latest work with IntechOpen by Dragan Cvetković

Virtual reality is a set of technologies that enables two-way communication, from computer to user and vice versa. In one direction, technologies are used to synthesize visual, auditory, tactile, and sometimes other sensory experiences in order to provide the illusion that practically non-existent things can be seen, heard, touched, or otherwise felt. In the other direction, technologies are used to adequately record human movements, sounds, or other potential input data that computers can process and use. This book contains six chapters that cover topics including definitions and principles of VR, devices, educational design principles for effective use of VR, technology education, and use of VR in technical and natural sciences.

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