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1. Antibiotics in Aquaculture – Use, Abuse and Alternatives

By Jaime Romero, Carmen Gloria Feijoo and Paola Navarrete

Part of book: Health and Environment in Aquaculture

2. Pesticides: Environmental Impacts and Management Strategies

By Harsimran Kaur Gill and Harsh Garg

Part of book: Pesticides

3. Extreme Temperature Responses, Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Defense in Plants

By Mirza Hasanuzzaman, Kamrun Nahar and Masayuki Fujita

Part of book: Abiotic Stress


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. Feeding Habits of Both Deep-Water Red Shrimps, Aristaeomorpha foliacea and Aristeus antennatus (Decapoda, Aristeidae) in the Ionian Sea (E. Mediterranean)

By Kostas Kapiris

Part of book: Food Quality

2. Hulless Barley – A Rediscovered Source for Functional Foods Phytochemical Profile and Soluble Dietary Fibre Content in Naked Barley Varieties and Their Antioxidant Properties

By Susanne Siebenhandl-Ehn, Mathias Kinner, Loredana F. Leopold, Mara B. Poppernitsch, Michael Prückler, Philipp Wurbs, Sabine Poisinger, Elisabeth Kalas, Emmerich Berghofer and Heinrich Grausgruber

Part of book: Phytochemicals

3. Using Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging for Early Assessment of Photosynthesis Tolerance to Drought, Heat and High Illumination

By María José Quiles, Helena Ibáñez and Romualdo Muñoz

Part of book: Artificial Photosynthesis

4. Analysis of Genetic Diversity and SSR Allelic Variation in Rubber Tree (Hevea brasilensis)

By Suping Feng, Yaoting Wu, Weiguo Li, Fei Yu and Jingyi Wang

Part of book: The Molecular Basis of Plant Genetic Diversity

5. Mangroves in Contrasting Osmotic Environments: Photosynthetic Costs of High Salinity Tolerance

By Margarete Watzka and Ernesto Medina

Part of book: Photosynthesis

6. Growth and Photosynthesis under Pulsed Lighting

By Michio Kanechi

Part of book: Photosynthesis

7. Photosynthesis and Carbon Metabolism

By Nimir Eltyb Ahmed Nimir and Zhou Guisheng

Part of book: Photosynthesis

8. Pilot Scale of Microalgal Production Using Photobioreactor

By Farouk Kamel El-Baz and Hanaa H. Abd El Baky

Part of book: Photosynthesis

9. Transgenic Plants: Gene Constructs, Vector and Transformation Method

By Lee-Yoon Low, Shun-Kai Yang, De-Xian Andrew Kok, Janna Ong- Abdullah, Ngai-Paing Tan and Kok-Song Lai

Part of book: New Visions in Plant Science

10. Effects of Dietary Soybean Trypsin Inhibitors on Detection of Resistance to Pyrethroid and Spinosad Insecticides in Helicoverpa armigera Hübner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

By Robin V. Gunning and Graham D. Moores

Part of book: Soybean and Health