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Online First chapter releases in this category

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1. Implication of Urban Agriculture and Vertical Farming for Future Sustainability

By Anwesha Chatterjee, Sanjit Debnath and Harshata Pal

Part of book: Hydrocultural and Hydroponics Systems [Working Title]

2. Detailed Review on Pesticidal Toxicity to Honey Bees and Its Management

By Gaurava Kumar, Swoyam Singh and Rukesh Pramod Kodigenahalli Nagarajaiah

Part of book: Modern Beekeeping [Working Title]

3. Amaranth Seed Oil Composition

By Parisa Nasirpour-Tabrizi, Sodeif Azadmard-Damirchi, Javad Hesari and Zahra Piravi-Vanak

Part of book: Nutritional Value of Amaranth [Working Title]

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Most cited chapters in this category

Chapter titleDownloads
1. Antibiotics in Aquaculture – Use, Abuse and Alternatives

By Jaime Romero, Carmen Gloria Feijoo and Paola Navarrete

Part of book: Health and Environment in Aquaculture

2. Extreme Temperature Responses, Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Defense in Plants

By Mirza Hasanuzzaman, Kamrun Nahar and Masayuki Fujita

Part of book: Abiotic Stress - Plant Responses and Applications in Agriculture

3. Pesticides: Environmental Impacts and Management Strategies

By Harsimran Kaur Gill and Harsh Garg

Part of book: Pesticides - Toxic Aspects


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. Introductory Chapter: Terpenes and Terpenoids

By Shagufta Perveen

Part of book: Terpenes and Terpenoids

2. Nano-Silicate from Paddy Waste as Natural Corrosion Inhibitor

By Norinsan Kamil Othman, Denni Asra Awizar and Zulhusni Dasuki

Part of book: Rice - Technology and Production

3. Gastrointestinal Immunoregulation and the Challenges of Nanotechnology in Foods

By MaryAnn Principato

Part of book: Food Industry

4. Opium Poppy: Genetic Upgradation Through Intervention of Plant Breeding Techniques

By Brij Kishore Mishra, Anu Rastogi, Ameena Siddiqui, Mrinalini Srivastava, Nidhi Verma, Rawli Pandey, Naresh Chandra Sharma and Sudhir Shukla

Part of book: Plant Breeding from Laboratories to Fields

5. Dynamics of Ruminant Livestock Management in the Context of the Nigerian Agricultural System

By O.A. Lawal-Adebowale

Part of book: Livestock Production

6. Plant Tissue Culture Media

By Abobkar I.M. Saad and Ahmed M. Elshahed

Part of book: Recent Advances in Plant in vitro Culture

7. Plant Tissue Culture: Current Status and Opportunities

By Altaf Hussain, Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi, Hummera Nazir and Ikram Ullah

Part of book: Recent Advances in Plant in vitro Culture

8. Introductory Chapter: Lepidoptera

By Farzana Khan Perveen and Anzela Khan

Part of book: Lepidoptera

9. Banana Pseudo-Stem Fiber: Preparation, Characteristics, and Applications

By Asmanto Subagyo and Achmad Chafidz

Part of book: Banana Nutrition - Function and Processing Kinetics

10. Molecular Markers and Marker-Assisted Breeding in Plants

By Guo-Liang Jiang

Part of book: Plant Breeding from Laboratories to Fields