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1. Virgin Olive Oil Phenolic Compounds: Insights on Their Occurrence, Health-Promoting Properties and Bioavailability

By El Amine Ajal, Salah Chaji, Sanae Moussafir, Rachid Nejjari, Abdelmajid Soulaymani and Aadil Bajoub

Part of book: Olive Oil - New Perspectives and Applications [Working Title]

2. Olive Oil Production in Albania, Chemical Characterization, and Authenticity

By Dritan Topi, Gamze Guclu, Hasim Kelebek and Serkan Selli

Part of book: Olive Oil - New Perspectives and Applications [Working Title]

3. Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

By Ana Florencia de Alzaa, Claudia Guillaume and Leandro Ravetti

Part of book: Olive Oil - New Perspectives and Applications [Working Title]

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Most cited chapters in this category

Chapter titleDownloads
1. Valorisation of Cheese Whey, a By-Product from the Dairy Industry

By Chiara Mollea, Luca Marmo and Francesca Bosco

Part of book: Food Industry

2. Hydrocolloids in Food Industry

By Jafar Milani and Gisoo Maleki

Part of book: Food Industrial Processes - Methods and Equipment

3. Seaweeds for Food and Industrial Applications

By Berna Kılınç, Semra Cirik, Gamze Turan, Hatice Tekogul and Edis Koru

Part of book: Food Industry


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. Plant Tissue Culture: Current Status and Opportunities

By Altaf Hussain, Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi, Hummera Nazir and Ikram Ullah

Part of book: Recent Advances in Plant in vitro Culture

2. Banana Pseudo-Stem Fiber: Preparation, Characteristics, and Applications

By Asmanto Subagyo and Achmad Chafidz

Part of book: Banana Nutrition - Function and Processing Kinetics

3. The Dairy Industry: Process, Monitoring, Standards, and Quality

By Niamh Burke, Krzysztof A. Zacharski, Mark Southern, Paul Hogan, Michael P. Ryan and Catherine C. Adley

Part of book: Descriptive Food Science

4. Chemical Properties of Starch and Its Application in the Food Industry

By Henry Omoregie Egharevba

Part of book: Chemical Properties of Starch

5. Physical and Chemical Modifications in Starch Structure and Reactivity

By Haq Nawaz, Rashem Waheed, Mubashir Nawaz and Dure Shahwar

Part of book: Chemical Properties of Starch

6. Production Processes for Monoclonal Antibodies

By Lucas Silva Carvalho, Otávio Bravim da Silva, Gabriela Carneiro de Almeida, Juliana Davies de Oliveira, Nadia Skorupa Parachin and Talita Souza Carmo

Part of book: Fermentation Processes

7. Food Safety – Problems and Solutions

By Aslı Uçar, Mustafa Volkan Yilmaz and Funda Pınar Çakıroğlu

Part of book: Significance, Prevention and Control of Food Related Diseases

8. Nutritional Composition of Meat

By Rabia Shabir Ahmad, Ali Imran and Muhammad Bilal Hussain

Part of book: Meat Science and Nutrition

9. Quality Management: Important Aspects for the Food Industry

By Caroline Liboreiro Paiva

Part of book: Food Industry

10. Probiotic Yeast: Mode of Action and Its Effects on Ruminant Nutrition

By Shakira Ghazanfar, Nauman Khalid, Iftikhar Ahmed and Muhammad Imran

Part of book: Yeast - Industrial Applications