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1. Machine Analysis of Facial Expressions

By Maja Pantic and Marian Stewart Bartlett

Part of book: Face Recognition

2. Investigating Spontaneous Facial Action Recognition through AAM Representations of the Face

By Simon Lucey, Ahmed Bilal Ashraf and Jeffrey F. Cohn

Part of book: Face Recognition

3. A Survey of Shape Feature Extraction Techniques

By Yang Mingqiang, Kpalma Kidiyo and Ronsin Joseph

Part of book: Pattern Recognition


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1. Weather, Hydrological and Oceanographic Conditions of the Northern Coast of the Río de la Plata Estuary during ENSO 2009–2010

By Ernesto Brugnoli, José Verocai, Pablo Muniz and Felipe García- Rodríguez

Part of book: Estuary

2. The Relationship of Sediment and Intersitial Water Properties with Mangrove Health in a Subtropical Coastal Lagoon of Mexico

By Carlos Augusto Zenteno-Palma, Aramis Olivos-Ortiz, María del Carmen Álvarez, Sonia Isabel Quijano-Scheggia and Gloria Alicia Jiménez-Ramón

Part of book: Estuary

3. Applications of Fluorescent Quantum Dots for Reproductive Medicine and Disease Detection

By Sapna Jain, Seong B. Park, Shreekmar R. Pillai, Peter L. Ryan, Scott T. Willard and Jean M. Feugang

Part of book: Unraveling the Safety Profile of Nanoscale Particles and Materials

4. Toxicological Risk Assessment of Emerging Nanomaterials: Cytotoxicity, Cellular Uptake, Effects on Biogenesis and Cell Organelle Activity, Acute Toxicity and Biodistribution of Oxide Nanoparticles

By Lionel Maurizi, Anne-Laure Papa, Julien Boudon, Sruthi Sudhakaran, Benoist Pruvot, David Vandroux, Johanna Chluba, Gérard Lizard and Nadine Millot

Part of book: Unraveling the Safety Profile of Nanoscale Particles and Materials

5. Adaptive Nonlinear Regulation Control of Thermoacoustic Oscillations in Rijke-Type Systems

By William MacKunis, Mahmut Reyhanoglu and Krishna Bhavithavya Kidambi

Part of book: Adaptive Robust Control Systems

6. Attitude Control of a Quadcopter Using Adaptive Control Technique

By Ramiro Ibarra Pérez, Gerardo Romero Galvan, Aldo Jonathan Muñoz Vázquez, Silvia Florida Melo and David Lara Alabazares

Part of book: Adaptive Robust Control Systems

7. Adaptive Robust Control of Biomass Fuel Co-Combustion Process

By Konrad Gromaszek and Andrzej Kotyra

Part of book: Adaptive Robust Control Systems

8. Nonlinear Control of Flexible Two-Dimensional Overhead Cranes

By Tung Lam Nguyen and Minh Duc Duong

Part of book: Adaptive Robust Control Systems

9. High-Gain Observer–Based Sliding Mode Control of Multimotor Drive Systems

By Pham Tam Thanh, Dao Phuong Nam, Tran Xuan Tinh and Luong Cong Nho

Part of book: Adaptive Robust Control Systems

10. Functionalized Carbon Nanomaterials in Drug Delivery: Emergent Perspectives from Application

By Nabanita Saikia

Part of book: Novel Nanomaterials

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