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1. Chemostratigraphy of Paleozoic Carbonates in the Western Belt (Peninsular Malaysia): A Case Study on the Kinta Limestone

By Haylay Tsegab and Chow Weng Sum

Part of book: New insights into the stratigraphic setting of Paleozoic to Miocene deposits: case studies from the Persian Gulf, Peninsular Malaysia and south-eastern Pyrenees [Working Title]

2. Introductory Chapter: Exploring the Potential of the Sea

By Sérgio Lousada and Rafael Camacho

Part of book: Naval Engineering [Working Title]

3. Introductory Chapter: Fiber Optics

By Patrick Steglich and Fabio De Matteis

Part of book: Fiber Optics [Working Title]

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1. Biological and Chemical Wastewater Treatment Processes

By Mohamed Samer

Part of book: Wastewater Treatment Engineering

2. Thermodynamic Mechanism of Nanofluid Minimum Quantity Lubrication Cooling Grinding and Temperature Field Models

By Min Yang, Changhe Li, Yanbin Zhang, Dongzhou Jia, Runze Li and Wenfeng Ding

Part of book: Microfluidics and Nanofluidics

3. New Catalytic Systems for Fixation of Carbon Dioxide into Valuable Poly(Alkylene Carbonates)

By Bahareh Bahramian and Fariba Dehghani

Part of book: Advanced Catalytic Materials - Photocatalysis and Other Current Trends

4. Face Recognition: Issues, Methods and Alternative Applications

By Waldemar Wójcik, Konrad Gromaszek and Muhtar Junisbekov

Part of book: Face Recognition - Semisupervised Classification, Subspace Projection and Evaluation Methods

5. Microwave dielectric heating in modern organic synthesis and drug discovery

By Hong Liu and Lei Zhang

Part of book: Microwave Heating

6. Novel, Integrated and Revolutionary Well Test Interpretation and Analysis

By Freddy Humberto Escobar Macualo

Part of book: Novel, Integrated and Revolutionary Well Test Interpretation and Analysis

7. Optimal Design and Operation Management of Battery-Based Energy Storage Systems (BESS) in Microgrids

By Amjad Anvari-Moghaddam, Jeremy Dulout, Corinne Alonso, Bruno Jammes and Josep M. Guerrero

Part of book: Advancements in Energy Storage Technologies

8. DFT Calculation for Adatom Adsorption on Graphene

By Kengo Nakada and Akira Ishii

Part of book: Graphene Simulation

9. A 9-DoF Wheelchair-Mounted Robotic Arm System: Design, Control, Brain-Computer Interfacing, and Testing

By Redwan Alqasemi and Rajiv Dubey

Part of book: Advances in Robot Manipulators

10. Superhydrophobicity, Learn from the Lotus Leaf

By Mengnan Qu, Jinmei He and Junyan Zhang

Part of book: Biomimetics Learning from Nature