Brajesh Kumar

TATA College, Kolhan University

Dr. Brajesh Kumar is currently working as an Assistant Professor and Head in the Post Graduate Department of Chemistry, TATA College, Chaibasa, India. He received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Delhi, India. His research interest is in the development of sustainable and eco-friendly techniques for (a) nanoparticles synthesis and their applications for environmental remediation, (b) active films of organic solar cells, (c) nanomedicine, (d) sensors, (e) natural product extraction, purification, and analysis,(f) natural polymers, (g) peptide chemistry, (h) microwave and ultrasound-assisted organic synthesis and (i) organic synthesis. Dr. Brajesh Kumar has been credited for different national and international fellowships and he has also worked as a faculty member in various universities of India, Ecuador, and South Korea. He has also published numerous SCI/ SCIE/ Scopus research articles (h index = 28, Citations 2690) and is also an active reviewer of more than 50 Journals. He is also included in the top 2% of the scientist list prepared by experts at Stanford University, USA.

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Biocomposites are composite materials consisting of either a polymer matrix or a filler based on biological resources. They have been widely used in numerous applications such as storage devices, photocatalysts, packaging, furniture, biosensors, energy, construction, the automotive industry, and so on due to their great versatility and satisfactory performance. This book focuses on composites made from natural materials (natural fibers and biopolymers) and relates their physical, mechanical, electrical, structural, and biological characteristics as well as their potential applications in biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, and engineering.

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