Han-Yong Jeon

Inha University

Professor Emeritus Han-Yong Jeon is a geosynthetics/technical organic materials researcher at Inha University, South Korea. He has been the director of the Geosynthetics Institute (GSI), USA, since 1998. Previously, he was a council member for the International Geosynthetics Society and president of the Korean Geosynthetics Society as well as the Korean Fiber Society. He has published more than 1,000 proceedings in domestic and international conferences and 226 papers in scientific journals. He has also written twenty-five textbook chapters.

Han-Yong Jeon

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Unlike synthetic fibers that have undergone chemical processing, natural fibers are superior in aesthetics and comfort. However, because they come from nature, their supply is inconsistent and it is difficult to control their production. Natural fibers are popular because they are generally environmentally friendly and durable and have a strong affinity for water and thus have high absorbency. Through chemical modification or processing, natural fibers can be developed for medical, health, sanitation, and industrial uses. This book discusses natural fibers and how they can be manipulated and modified for practical applications in a variety of industries.

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