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Dr. Mujtaba Ikram has a BS (Hons) in computational physics, an MS in materials and surface engineering, and a Ph.D. in material sciences and engineering. His research interests include nanotechnology, renewable energy, materials science and engineering. His work has been cited by scientists from all over the world. He has authored/co-authored a number of publications with 170+ cumulative impact factor in such prestigious international journals as Advanced Materials, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, Nanoscale Research Letters, RSC Advances, RSC New Journal of Chemistry, Chemcatchem, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Applied Nanoscience, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, and Journal of Solid State Chemistry. His research has taken him to the USA, Italy, Egypt, Germany, Slovenia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, UAE and many other countries. He has attended research training/conferences/workshops on industrial physics, renewable energy, advanced carbon materials and nanotechnology in various parts of the world. He is a frequent visiting scholar at the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Italy. He was one of two young scientists from South Asia selected for TWAS Science Diplomacy, held in Trieste, Italy in 2013. He has frequently been invited as a lecturer by CAS-TWAS Beijing. He received a CAS-TWAS green technology award in 2015 and a CAS-TWAS green chemistry and technology award for his guest lectures in 2017. He has been awarded various prestigious fellowships, including CAS-TWAS presidential fellowship 2014, I-CAMP University of Colorado at Boulder (USA) fellowship 2012, ICTP Italy participant fellowship (thrice), UNESCO nano system workshop fellowship (Italy) 2013, inter-continental advanced materials and photonics participant fellowship, University of Cambridge (UK) 2013, Emerging Nations Science Foundation (ENSF) travel fellowship 2012 and NUST foreign research presentation grant 2012.

Mujtaba Ikram

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Graphene is considered as a miracle material for scientists and engineers owing to its outstanding physical properties. Graphene and its nanocomposites are promising multifunctional materials with improved tensile strength and elastic modulus. graphene nanocomposites may have a wide range of potential applications due to their outstanding properties and the low cost of graphene. Because graphene composites have a controllable porous structure, a large surface area, high conductivity, high-temperature stability, excellent anti-corrosion properties, and composite compatibility, they can be used in energy storage as electrocatalysts, electro-conductive additives, intercalation hosts, and an ideal substrate for active materials. Shortly, graphene will be a base for the next generation’s scientific revolution.

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