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1. Resonant Optical Solitons in (3 + 1)-Dimensions Dominated by Kerr Law and Parabolic Law Nonlinearities

By Khalil S. Al-Ghafri

Part of book: The Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation [Working Title]

2. On the Irreducible Factors of a Polynomial and Applications to Extensions of Absolute Values

By Lhoussain El Fadil and Mohamed Faris

Part of book: Recent Advances in Polynomials [Working Title]

3. Nonlinear Generalized Schrödinger’s Equations by Lifting Hamilton-Jacobi’s Formulation of Classical Mechanics

By Gérard Gouesbet

Part of book: The Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation [Working Title]

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1. Utilization of Response Surface Methodology in Optimization of Extraction of Plant Materials

By Alev Yüksel Aydar

Part of book: Statistical Approaches With Emphasis on Design of Experiments Applied to Chemical Processes

2. Solution of Differential Equations with Applications to Engineering Problems

By Cheng Yung Ming

Part of book: Dynamical Systems - Analytical and Computational Techniques

3. Application of Taguchi-Based Design of Experiments for Industrial Chemical Processes

By Rahul Davis and Pretesh John

Part of book: Statistical Approaches With Emphasis on Design of Experiments Applied to Chemical Processes

4. Fourier Analysis for Harmonic Signals in Electrical Power Systems

By Emmanuel Hernández Mayoral, Miguel Angel Hernández López, Edwin Román Hernández, Hugo Jorge Cortina Marrero, José Rafael Dorrego Portela and Victor Ivan Moreno Oliva

Part of book: Fourier Transforms - High-tech Application and Current Trends

5. Some Applications of Clifford Algebra in Geometry

By Ying-Qiu Gu

Part of book: Structure Topology and Symplectic Geometry

6. Fractal Analysis of Time-Series Data Sets: Methods and Challenges

By Ian Pilgrim and Richard P. Taylor

Part of book: Fractal Analysis

7. SIR Model with Homotopy to Predict Corona Cases

By Nahid Fatima

Part of book: A Collection of Papers on Chaos Theory and Its Applications

8. Wavelets for EEG Analysis

By Nikesh Bajaj

Part of book: Wavelet Theory

9. Statistical Methodology for Evaluating Business Cycles with the Conditions of Their Synchronization and Harmonization

By Elena Zarova

Part of book: Statistics - Growing Data Sets and Growing Demand for Statistics

10. Real-Time Fault Detection and Diagnosis Using Intelligent Monitoring and Supervision Systems

By Gustavo Pérez Alvarez

Part of book: Fault Detection, Diagnosis and Prognosis