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1. Building Blocks of the Internet of Things: State of the Art and Beyond

By Alexandru Serbanati, Carlo Maria Medaglia and Ugo Biader Ceipidor

Part of book: Deploying RFID

2. Engineering Processes for Decentralized Factory Automation Systems

By Thomas Wagner, Carolin Hausner, Jurgen Elger, Ulrich Lowen and Arndt Luder

Part of book: Factory Automation

3. Quantitative Models for Centralised Supply Chain Coordination

By Mohamad Y. Jaber and Saeed Zolfaghari

Part of book: Supply Chain


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. A Real-Time Wireless Communication System Based on 802.11 MAC

By Gennaro Boggia, Pietro Camarda, L. Alfredo Grieco and Giammarco Zacheo

Part of book: Factory Automation

2. Adaptation of Manufacturing Systems in Dynamic Environment Based on Capability Description Method

By Eeva Järvenpää, Pasi Luostarinen, Minna Lanz and Reijo Tuokko

Part of book: Manufacturing System

3. Measurement Instruments for Ergonomics Surveys - Methodological Guidelines

By Marina Zambon Orpinelli Coluci

Part of book: Ergonomics

4. Laser and Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding

By G. A. Turichin

Part of book: Joining Technologies

5. A Hybrid Fuzzy Approach to Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain Networks

By Hakan Tozan and Ozalp Vayvay

Part of book: Supply Chain Management

6. Generation of Added Values Products Supporting Risk Analysis

By Massimo Musacchio, Malvina Silvestri, Luca Merucci, Stefano Corradini, Claudia Spinetti, Valerio Lombardo, Boris Behncke,Lorenzo Guerrieri, Gabriele Gangale, Fabrizia Buongiorno, Sergio Perelli, Sergio Teggi, Sergio Pugnaghi, Angelo Amodio, Eugenio Sansosti, Simona Zoffoli and Chiara Cardaci

Part of book: Risk Management in Environment, Production and Economy

7. Heuristic Search Applied to Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Learning

By Bruno Augusto Angélico, Márcio Mendonça, Lúcia Valéria R. de Arruda and Taufik Abrão

Part of book: Search Algorithms for Engineering Optimization

8. Process Rescheduling: Enabling Performance by Applying Multiple Metrics and Efficient Adaptations

By Rodrigo Righi, Laércio Pilla, Alexandre Carissimi, Philippe Navaux and Hans-Ulrich Heiss

Part of book: Future Manufacturing Systems

9. Location of Intelligent Carts Using RFID

By Yasushi Kambayashi and Munehiro Takimoto

Part of book: Deploying RFID

10. Minimizing the Weighted Number of Late Jobs with Batch Setup Times and Delivery Costs on a Single Machine

By George Steiner and Rui Zhang

Part of book: Multiprocessor Scheduling