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1. Building Blocks of the Internet of Things: State of the Art and Beyond

By Alexandru Serbanati, Carlo Maria Medaglia and Ugo Biader Ceipidor

Part of book: Deploying RFID

2. Quantitative Models for Centralised Supply Chain Coordination

By Mohamad Y. Jaber and Saeed Zolfaghari

Part of book: Supply Chain

3. Engineering Processes for Decentralized Factory Automation Systems

By Thomas Wagner, Carolin Hausner, Jurgen Elger, Ulrich Lowen and Arndt Luder

Part of book: Factory Automation


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. GLP: Good Laboratory Practice

By Isin Akyar

Part of book: Modern Approaches To Quality Control

2. Improving Operations Performance with World Class Manufacturing Technique: A Case in Automotive Industry

By Fabio De Felice, Antonella Petrillo and Stanislao Monfreda

Part of book: Operations Management

3. Supply Chain Collaboration

By Ana Meca and Judith Timmer

Part of book: Supply Chain

4. The Challenges and Issues Facing the Deployment of RFID Technology

By Peter Darcy, Prapassara Pupunwiwat and Bela Stantic

Part of book: Deploying RFID

5. Train Braking

By Cătălin Cruceanu

Part of book: Reliability and Safety in Railway

6. A Fuzzy Comprehensive Approach for Risk Identification and Prioritization Simultaneously in EPC Projects

By R. Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, S.M. Mousavi and H. Hashemi

Part of book: Risk Management in Environment, Production and Economy

7. Integrating Lean, Agile, Resilience and Green Paradigms in Supply Chain Management (LARG_SCM)

By Helena Carvalho and V. Cruz-Machado

Part of book: Supply Chain Management

8. Railway Traction

By José A. Lozano, Jesús Félez, Juan de Dios Sanz and José M. Mera

Part of book: Reliability and Safety in Railway

9. Multivariate Analysis in Vibrational Spectroscopy of Highly Energetic Materials and Chemical Warfare Agents Simulants

By John R. Castro-Suarez, William Ortiz-Rivera, Nataly Galan-Freyle, Amanda Figueroa-Navedo, Leonardo C. Pacheco-Londoño and Samuel P. Hernández-Rivera

Part of book: Multivariate Analysis in Management, Engineering and the Sciences

10. Production Scheduling Approaches for Operations Management

By Marcello Fera, Fabio Fruggiero, Alfredo Lambiase, Giada Martino and Maria Elena Nenni

Part of book: Operations Management