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Dr. Pengzhong Li is a professor at the School of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the same university in 2004. From 1995 to 2001, he was a manager in the Business Department and Warehousing Management Department of Guilin Daewoo Bus Co., Ltd. He is the Director of the Intelligent Manufacturing and Services Branch of the China Creative Studies Institute and the Director of the East China Branch of the National College Institute of Manufacturing Automation.

Pengzhong Li

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This book contributes new understandings and research results in solid waste management. It explores and discusses current advances, new trends, and applications in solid waste management. The book begins with two reviews that comprehensively present the current state of research, applications, and future development. Two case studies provide management techniques for large amounts of construction and demolition waste caused by earthquakes and domestic solid waste management practices in a South African township. A systematic review demonstrates the harmful effects of poor waste management on human health. For waste treatment methods, using the wild black soldier fly for biowaste treatment shows that simple methods can also yield effective results. The book also examines the method of solid waste disposal in the textile industry during wastewater treatment. It also analyzes the contamination effect of leachate migration on groundwater, surface water, and air, providing valuable guidance for the siting and subsequent management of landfills. Although this book does not cover all areas of solid waste management, it will inspire innovation in professionals and managers in related fields.

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