Meisam Gordan

Dr. Meisam Gordan graduated with a research-based Ph.D. in Structural Engineering and Materials from the University of Malaya. His main focus is to address the feasibility and demonstrate the potential of data mining in structural health monitoring, as well as apply machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical methods for damage detection of structures. He has been working with Structural Health Monitoring Research Group (StrucHMRSGroup) and Advance Shock and Vibration Research Group (ASVR). He received several research grants as well as a scholarship from the University of Malaya (UM) and the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) due to his academic excellence. Dr. Gordan has published a number of papers in different fields such as structural health monitoring, data mining, artificial intelligence, soft computing, structural control systems, IoT, big data, blockchain, unmanned aerial systems, finite element analysis, and materials. His research interest is to form a bridge between Structural Engineering and Computer Science using IR 4.0 emerging technologies. He is a member of renowned institutes such as the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Malaysian Board of Engineers. He has also contributed to the process of knowledge sharing through his role as the reviewer of well-known journals and conferences.

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