Răzvan Păcurar

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Răzvan Păcurar is an associate professor in the Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Robotics and Production Management, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He has a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and is a leading specialist in additive manufacturing. He has more than ninety journal articles to his credit and has presented at different international scientific conferences all over the world. He is the author of more than ten books in additive manufacturing, unconventional technologies, and computer-aided design. He has also edited three books and been involved in several national and international research projects as research team member and project leader. Dr. Păcurar is a member of the Manufacturing Engineering University Association of Romania and a journal reviewer.

Răzvan Păcurar

2books edited

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Trends and Opportunities of Rapid Prototyping Technologies provides a comprehensive overview of rapid prototyping, also known as 3D printing. It discusses challenges in this domain, such as lack of standardization and certification, as well as the requirements coming from the industrial sector. The book examines existing 3D printing methods and materials as well as their applications, customizations, and process parameters.

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