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1. Intraovarian Gestation in Viviparous Teleosts: Unique Type of Gestation among Vertebrates

By Mari-Carmen Uribe, Gabino De la Rosa-Cruz, Adriana García-Alarcón and Juan Carlos Campuzano-Caballero

Part of book: Animal Reproduction [Working Title]

2. Virtual Physiology: A Tool for the 21st Century

By Carmen Nóbrega, Maria Aires Pereira, Catarina Coelho, Isabel Brás, Ana Cristina Mega, Carla Santos, Fernando Esteves, Rita Cruz, Ana I. Faustino-Rocha, Paula A. Oliveira, João Mesquita and Helena Vala

Part of book: Updates on Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology [Working Title]

3. Effect of Various Feed Additives on the Methane Emissions from Beef Cattle Based on an Ammoniated Palm Frond Feeds

By Mardiati Zain, Rusmana Wijaya Setia Ningrat, Heni Suryani and Novirman Jamarun

Part of book: Animal Feed Science and Nutrition - Health and Environment [Working Title]

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Most cited chapters in this category

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1. Fish Cytokines and Immune Response

By Sebastián Reyes-Cerpa, Kevin Maisey, Felipe Reyes-López, Daniela Toro-Ascuy, Ana María Sandino and Mónica Imarai

Part of book: New Advances and Contributions to Fish Biology

2. Use of Yeast Probiotics in Ruminants: Effects and Mechanisms of Action on Rumen pH, Fibre Degradation, and Microbiota According to the Diet

By Frédérique Chaucheyras-Durand, Eric Chevaux, Cécile Martin and Evelyne Forano

Part of book: Probiotic in Animals

3. Values of Blood Variables in Calves

By Martina Klinkon and Jožica Ježek

Part of book: A Bird's-Eye View of Veterinary Medicine


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. Atresia Ani in Dogs and Cats

By Lysimachos G. Papazoglou and Gary W. Ellison

Part of book: A Bird's-Eye View of Veterinary Medicine

2. Goat System Productions: Advantages and Disadvantages to the Animal, Environment and Farmer

By António Monteiro, José Manuel Costa and Maria João Lima

Part of book: Goat Science

3. Quality of Chicken Meat

By Gordana Kralik, Zlata Kralik, Manuela Grčević and Danica Hanžek

Part of book: Animal Husbandry and Nutrition

4. Mitigation of the Heat Stress Impact in Livestock Reproduction

By Govindan Krishnan, Madiajagan Bagath, Prathap Pragna, Mallenahally Kusha Vidya, Joy Aleena, Payyanakkal Ravindranathan Archana, Veerasamy Sejian and Raghavendra Bhatta

Part of book: Theriogenology

5. Canine Parvovirus Type 2

By Chao-Nan Lin and Shu-Yun Chiang

Part of book: Canine Medicine - Recent Topics and Advanced Research

6. The Innovative Techniques in Animal Husbandry

By Serap Göncü and Cahit Güngör

Part of book: Animal Husbandry and Nutrition

7. Sperm Preparation Techniques for Artificial Insemination - Comparison of Sperm Washing, Swim Up, and Density Gradient Centrifugation Methods

By Ilaria Natali

Part of book: Artificial Insemination in Farm Animals

8. Optimization of Milking Frequency in Dairy Ruminants

By Moez Ayadi

Part of book: Lactation in Farm Animals - Biology, Physiological Basis, Nutritional Requirements, and Modelization

9. Reptilian Skin and Its Special Histological Structures

By Catrin Sian Rutland, Pia Cigler and Valentina Kubale

Part of book: Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology

10. Artificial Insemination in Pigs

By Maes Dominiek, Lopez Rodriguez Alfonso, Rijsselaere Tom, Vyt Philip and Van Soom Ann

Part of book: Artificial Insemination in Farm Animals