Amlan Kumar Patra

West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences

Amlan Kumar Patra earned his Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition from the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, India, in 2004. He has worked at West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences as an assistant professor since 2007. He also worked at the American Institute for Goat Research, USA (2004–2006); the Ohio State University, Columbus, USA (2010–2012); and the Free University of Berlin, Germany (2017–2018). His research has focused on animal nutrition (particularly ruminants and poultry nutrition), gastrointestinal electrophysiology, meta-analysis and modeling in nutrition, and livestock-environment interaction. He has authored approximately 160 articles for professional journals and various book chapters and proceedings, resulting in a Google Scholar h-index of 40 with over 6800 citations. He currently serves as editor and associate editor on the editorial boards of various reputable journals.

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Due to the wide acceptance of poultry meat and eggs, poultry farming is the fastest growing global livestock industry. Nutrition plays a vital role in economic production and the maintenance of proper poultry health. Therefore, there is a great need to update balanced nutrient requirements for new breeds, utilize alternative feed resources, evaluate newer feed additives to optimize production while excluding antimicrobial feed additives and maintain overall health. The first section of this book contains six chapters that discuss the utilization of unconventional feeds, nanominerals to reduce mineral proportions in diets, and water intake affected by environmental temperature. The second section contains six chapters that describe proper nutritional management to improve gut health and immunity, the prevention of common diseases, and the amelioration of heat stress in poultry.

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