Manuel Gonzalez Ronquillo

Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México

Dr. Manuel Gonzalez Ronquillo has worked as a Full Time Research Professor at the Veterinary and Livestock Faculty/Department of Animal Production, Autonomous University State of Mexico since 2001. He has managed the laboratory of animal nutrition (2002-2014) as well as the laboratory of reference in analyzing animal and human feed on chemical composition and food safety: the analysis of feedstuff, milk, cheese, and meat, aflatoxins, beta agonists and anabolic, secondary compounds (phenols, polyphenols), tannins, adulteration in the feedstuffs, use of growth promoters (Monensin, Lasolasid), and specific analysis of amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids profiles in milk, cheese and meat, minerals in soil, feeds, and animal products. He has mentored over 45 students in animal production, animal nutrition feed strategies, the use of growth promoters, beta-agonists, secondary compounds, use of enzymes etc. Dr. Gonzalez Ronquillo has published over 75 international publications and served as an editor in journals such as Frontiers in Veterinary Science, Animals (MDPI) Ciencia (UANL), Archivos de Zootecnia etc. He is a recognized member of the National Research System (SNI) in Mexico.

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