Carlos Eduardo Fonseca-Alves

Universidade Paulista Brazil

Carlos Eduardo Fonseca-Alves is a Full Professor of Internal Medicine in Small Animals at Paulista University – UNIP, Brazil. He obtained his DVM from the Federal University of Goias, Brazil, and completed a residency program on small animal internal medicine at UPIS University, Brazil. He earned his MSc and Ph.D. at São Paulo State University (UNESP), Brazil, in 2013 and 2016, respectively. Dr. Fonseca-Alves undertook a postdoctoral research fellowship at UNESP in 2016–2019 and at the University of Southern Denmark in 2019. He has experience in veterinary medicine, focusing on internal medicine and molecular and comparative oncology.

Carlos Eduardo Fonseca-Alves

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Veterinary medicine has grown in importance in recent years as dogs have become even more important in human society. For many years, dogs have served as protectors, companions, and even workers. The close relationship between dogs and humans has created a need for specific techniques and interventions for their care. Advances in canine medicine have resulted in dogs living longer, healthier lives. However, dogs are still susceptible to diseases and illnesses. This book provides a comprehensive overview of canine medicine and advances in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious, degenerative, and immunological diseases, cancer, and much more.

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