Xiaojun Liu

Henan Agricultural UniversityChina

Dr. Liu is a Professor of animal genetics, breeding and reproduction at Henan Agricultural University, China. He received his BSc in animal science and MSc in animal production from Shanxi Agricultural University, China in 1985 and 1994, respectively, and PhD in animal reproduction from China Agricultural University, China in 1998. Since then, he worked at Roslin Institute and the University of Edinburgh, UK, where he conducted researches on QTL mapping, molecular genetics and functional genomics of poultry and model animals. He moved to Shihezi University, China in 2011 and joined Henan Agricultural University, China in 2013. His research interests now mainly focus on genetics and functional genomics of poultry. He has published 67 research papers in local and international peer-reviewed journals, and also edited a text book of Animal Genetics.

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Genetics and genomics in poultry have been the most rapidly advancing subjects since the completion of the chicken genome sequence in 2004 and have been extensively used to understand the genetic determinants of complex traits. This book intends to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of the current progress in the application of genetic and genomic science in the poultry field. The contents cover genetic variation detection, selection methods for breeding, transgenesis and genome editing, genetic basis of disease resistance, control of gene expression and regulation, reproduction and meat quality, etc. The book should prove useful to researchers and students working in related fields.

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