Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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1. The Application of Medical Infrared Thermography in Sports Medicine

By Carolin Hildebrandt, Karlheinz Zeilberger, Edward Francis John Ring and Christian Raschner

Part of book: An International Perspective on Topics in Sports Medicine and Sports Injury

2. Drilling of Bone: Practicality, Limitations and Complications Associated with Surgical Drill-Bits

By Nicky Bertollo and William Robert Walsh

Part of book: Biomechanics in Applications

3. Iron Supplementation and Physical Performance

By Chariklia K. Deli, Ioannis G. Fatouros, Yiannis Koutedakis and Athanasios Z. Jamurtas

Part of book: Current Issues in Sports and Exercise Medicine


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1. Non-Pharmacological Pain Management

By Ahmed El Geziry, Yasser Toble, Fathi Al Kadhi, Muhammad Pervaiz and Mohammad Al Nobani

Part of book: Pain Management in Special Circumstances

2. The Treatment of Muscle Hematomas

By Maria Conforti

Part of book: Muscle Injuries in Sport Medicine

3. The Role of Cupping Therapy in Pain Management: A Literature Review

By Asma Al-Shidhani and Abdulaziz Al-Mahrezi

Part of book: Pain Management - Practices, Novel Therapies and Bioactives

4. Biomechanics of the Craniovertebral Junction

By Jeffrey G. Clark, Kalil G. Abdullah, Thomas E. Mroz and Michael P. Steinmetz

Part of book: Biomechanics in Applications

5. Physical Therapy in Patients with Cancer

By Shinichiro Morishita and Atsuhiro Tsubaki

Part of book: Clinical Physical Therapy

6. Functional Electrical Stimulation in Paraplegia

By Aris Papachristos

Part of book: Topics in Paraplegia

7. Physiotherapy and Mental Health

By Michel Probst

Part of book: Clinical Physical Therapy

8. Autonomic Regulation in Musculoskeletal Pain

By David M. Hallman and Eugene Lyskov

Part of book: Pain in Perspective

9. Exercise is Medicine: The Importance of Exercise as Preventative Medicine for a Disease‐Free Lifestyle

By Yati N. Boutcher

Part of book: Fitness Medicine

10. The Epidemiology of Shoulder Pain: A Narrative Review of the Literature

By Mario Pribicevic

Part of book: Pain in Perspective