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Kenyatta University

Dr. Lucy-Joy Wachira is a scholar of physical activity and exercise science and a full-time faculty in the Department of Physical Education, Exercise and Sports Science, Kenyatta University, Kenya. She has more than 12 years of university teaching experience. She has been a Fulbright Visiting Scholar-In-Residence in the Department of Kinesiology, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. Dr. Wachira’s research interests include physical activity among children and the prevention of obesity-related noncommunicable Diseases. She has participated in several international collaborative research projects. She is an author of book chapters, an editorial board member of the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, a guest editor for Frontiers in Public Health, and a peer reviewer for several refereed journals.

Lucy-Joy Wachira

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Participation in fitness and sports activities bestows far-reaching benefits on children’s growth, physical and mental development, health, skill acquisition, and physical performance. Besides the typical description of common concepts, subjects, and general literature, this book presents a variety of topics associated with physical activity and fitness among children and youth. Work presented in this book ranges from complex descriptions of the role of vitamin D deficiency on children’s physical activity and lifelong health to the analyses of the role of motor proficiency among children with an autism spectrum disorder. Some authors report on the association between physical activity and fitness and cognitive function among children while others describe noted differences in selected physical fitness components among children over a span of 30 years. The book also provides empirical insights into the role and status of school sports. While the feasibility and benefits of designed programmes and organized school activities have been demonstrated, the need for targeted specialized interventions and additional knowledge underpins the need for multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral approaches when working with children.

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Sport and Fitness in Children and Adolescents IntechOpen
Sport and Fitness in Children and Adole... A Multidimensional View Edited by Lucy-Joy Wachira

Sport and Fitness in Children and Adolescents

Edited by Lucy-Joy Wachira