Theodoros Aslanidis

Saint Paul General Hospital of Thessaloniki

Dr. Theodoros K. Aslanidis received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Plovdiv Medical University, Bulgaria and his PhD degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He served in the Hellenic Army Force as a medical doctor and then worked as a rural physician in Outhealth Centre, Iraklia and Serres’ General Hospital, Greece. He moved to Thessaloniki where he completed his residency in anesthesiology in 'Hippokratio” General Hospital, fellowship training at AHEPA University Hospital in Critical Care, and then a postgraduate program in Prehospital Emergency Medicine. He served as EMS Physician and Emergency Communication Center Medic at Hellenic National Centre for Emergency Care before moving to his current post as consultant-researcher at the Intensive Care Unit of St. Paul General Hospital of Thessaloniki, Greece. His research interests are emergency critical care, pre-hospital critical care, electrodermal activity, medical writing and data analysis.

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Heart rate variability (HRV) is considered a reliable reflection of the many physiological factors modulating the normal rhythm of the heart. It reflects autonomic nervous system (ANS) function, and as such, it is used in numerous fields of medicine. Written by experts in the field, this book provides a comprehensive overview of HRV. The first section is dedicated to technical themes related to monitoring and the variables recorded. The second section highlights use of HRV in hypothermia. Finally, the third section covers general aspects of HRV application.

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