Daniel A. Marinho

University of Beira Interior

Since 2008 Daniel Almeida Marinho has been an associate professor at UBI, where he has been the Director of the Ph.D. Sport Sciences course since 2013. He obtained a degree in Sport and Physical Education at UP in 2004, a Ph.D. in Sport Sciences at UTAD in 2009, and Habilitation in Sport Sciences at UBI in 2013. He has supervised 20 graduate theses, 20 MD theses, and ten Ph.D. theses, and has published over 150 academic titles, including ten books and book chapters, 60 articles in SCI journals, 70 articles in peer-reviewed indexed international journals, and ten articles in peer-reviewed indexed national journals. He has participated in the organisation of 15 national and international scientific meetings and has been a member of several Ph.D. and MD juries. Since 2013 he has been working with the Portuguese Swimming Federation, where he is responsible for coaching courses and coordinates the Evaluation and Control Training Centre.

Daniel A. Marinho

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