Guillermo Huerta-Cuellar

University of Guadalajara

Dr. Guillermo Huerta-Cuellar completed his doctoral studies at the Research Center in Optics, and a postdoctoral stay at the Potosino Institute of Scientific and Technological Research. He is currently a Tenure Professor-Researcher at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico, has the recognition of the desirable profile PRODEP in the academic context, is a member of the National System of Researchers Level I, and a member of the consolidated research group "Complex Systems, Optics, and Innovation". Dr. Huerta-Cuellar has more than nine years of experience in teaching undergraduate, master, and doctorate students. He has made research stays in Mexico, Italy, Spain, Russia, and the United States of America, and has published 38 indexed articles, 6 book chapters, one book edition, and 12 congress articles. To this date, he has directed and completed 6 theses at the undergraduate level, two at the master level, and one PhD.

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With the invention of the laser it was possible to think about a fast and efficient way to make the information transmission, thus originating the first ideas of transmission through wave guides. This led to the invention of the optical fibers, for which scientific-technological research has been constantly developed in order to improve the efficiency of information transmission for different applications. Then, various techniques and materials used for the manufacture of optical fibers have been developed, which have been improved over the years, obtaining high efficiency in the transmission of information, as well as different types of optical fiber applications. This book intends to provide the reader a review of some different fiber optic applications as well as some ideas about the future of growing in this important technological area.

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