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1. The Impact of Neuroscience on the Evolution of Decision-Making in Brachial Plexus Surgery. Part II: Nerve Grafts Act as Operator Channels (How the New May Meet the Old)

By Sherif M. Amr, Sherif N. Amin and Mohamad Abdel-Wahed Kotb

Part of book: The Impact of Neuroscience on the Evolution of Decision Making in Brachial Plexus Surgery [Working Title]

2. L-PRF: A “Super” Biomaterial for Naturally Guided Hard/Soft Tissue Bioengineering and Regeneration of Oro-Dental, Periodontal and Jaw Defects

By Ziyad S. Haidar

Part of book: Bone Grafting - Recent Advances with Special References to Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery [Working Title]

3. Introductory Chapter: Bone Grafting and Its Application in Cranial-Maxillofacial Surgery. The Role of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

By Raja Kummoona

Part of book: Bone Grafting - Recent Advances with Special References to Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery [Working Title]

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Most cited chapters in this category

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1. Titanium as a Biomaterial for Implants

By Carlos Oldani and Alejandro Dominguez

Part of book: Recent Advances in Arthroplasty

2. Trigeminocardiac Reflex in Neurosurgery - Current Knowledge and Prospects

By Amr Abdulazim, Martin N. Stienen, Pooyan Sadr-Eshkevari, Nora Prochnow, Nora Sandu, Benham Bohluli and Bernhard Schaller

Part of book: Explicative Cases of Controversial Issues in Neurosurgery

3. Predictors of Pain and Function Following Total Joint Replacement

By Michelle M. Dowsey and Peter F. M. Choong

Part of book: Arthroplasty


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. Mitral Valve Subvalvular Apparatus Repair with Artificial Neochords Application

By Sergey Y. Boldyrev, Kirill O. Barbukhatty, Olga A. Rossokha and Vladimir A. Porhanov

Part of book: Front Lines of Thoracic Surgery

2. Cleft Lip and Palate in the Dog: Medical and Genetic Aspects

By Enio Moura and Cláudia Turra Pimpão

Part of book: Designing Strategies for Cleft Lip and Palate Care

3. Craniocervical Junction Syndrome: Anatomy of the Craniocervical and Atlantoaxial Junctions and the Effect of Misalignment on Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow

By Scott Rosa, John W. Baird, David Harshfield and Mahan Chehrenama

Part of book: Hydrocephalus

4. Sticking Up for the Immune System Integrity: Should the Thymus Be Preserved During Cardiac Surgery?

By Sara Ferrando-Martínez, M. Ángeles Muñoz-Fernández and Manuel Leal

Part of book: Perioperative Considerations in Cardiac Surgery

5. Tibial Spine Avulsion Fractures: Current Concepts and Technical Note on Arthroscopic Techniques Used in Management of These Injuries

By Vikram Sapre and Vaibhav Bagaria

Part of book: Regional Arthroscopy

6. Physiotherapy in Liver Transplantation

By Meric Senduran and Ufuk Yurdalan

Part of book: Liver Transplantation

7. Postoperative Care and Complications After Thoracic Surgery

By Anand Iyer and Sumit Yadav

Part of book: Principles and Practice of Cardiothoracic Surgery

8. Cochlear Implant Surgery

By Hakan Soken, Sarah E. Mowry and Marlan R. Hansen

Part of book: Cochlear Implant Research Updates

9. Orthodontic Preparation for Orthognathic Surgery

By Abdolreza Jamilian, Alireza Darnahal and Letizia Perillo

Part of book: A Textbook of Advanced Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

10. Concepts in Management of Advanced Craniomaxillofacial Injuries

By Sylvio Luiz Costa de Moraes, Alexandre Maurity de Paula Afonso, Bruno Gomes Duarte, Maiolino Thomaz Fonseca Oliveira, Darceny Zanetta-Barbosa, Gabriel Pires Pastore, Luciano Mauro Del Santo and Daniel Falbo Martins de Souza

Part of book: A Textbook of Advanced Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery