Belma Işik Aslan

Gazi University Dentistry Faculty Department of Orthodontics

Prof. Dr. Belma Işik Aslan obtained a Ph.D. in Orthodontic Education from Gazi University, Turkey, in 2005. In 2006, she visited the Providence Hospital Institute for Craniofacial and Reconstructive Surgery, USA, for three months as an observer. She was appointed as an associate professor in 2014 and as a professor in 2021. She still works as an instructor at the same faculty. She has thirty-six journal articles, one book, twelve book chapters, and forty conference proceedings to her credit. She is a member of the Turkish Orthodontic Society and the Turkish Cleft Lip and Palate Society.

Belma Işik Aslan

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This book provides a comprehensive overview of craniofacial surgery, which is an internationally recognized specialty experiencing tremendous advancements in materials, technology, instrumentation, and treatment methods. This book examines these advancements in detail. Chapters address such topics as regenerative materials in oral surgery, tissue induction in plastic and maxillo-facial surgery, the role of genetics, stem cells, and reconstructive surgery in craniofacial diseases and syndromes, diagnostic and surgical considerations in congenital craniofacial deformities, and assessment of psychological functioning among cleft lip palate patients.

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