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1. New Aspects of Descartes’ Rule of Signs

By Vladimir Petrov Kostov and Boris Shapiro

Part of book: Polynomials - Theory and Application [Working Title]

2. Electro-magnetic Simulation Based on the Integral Form of Maxwell’s Equations

By Naofumi Kitsunezaki

Part of book: Recent Advances in Integral Equations [Working Title]

3. Fractal Analysis of Time-Series Data Sets: Methods and Challenges

By Ian Pilgrim and Richard P. Taylor

Part of book: Fractal Analysis [Working Title]

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1. Solution of Differential Equations with Applications to Engineering Problems

By Cheng Yung Ming

Part of book: Dynamical Systems

2. Oscillation Criteria for Second‐Order Neutral Damped Differential Equations with Delay Argument

By Said R. Grace and Irena Jadlovská

Part of book: Dynamical Systems

3. Application of Fourier Series Expansion to Electrical Power Conversion

By Irina Dolguntseva

Part of book: Fourier Transforms

4. Consensus-Based Distributed Filtering for GNSS

By Amir Khodabandeh, Peter J.G. Teunissen and Safoora Zaminpardaz

Part of book: Kalman Filters

5. Fractals in Antennas and Metamaterials Applications

By Wojciech Jan Krzysztofik

Part of book: Fractal Analysis

6. Bayesian Hypothesis Testing: An Alternative to Null Hypothesis Significance Testing (NHST) in Psychology and Social Sciences

By Alonso Ortega and Gorka Navarrete

Part of book: Bayesian Inference

7. Gamma-Kumaraswamy Distribution in Reliability Analysis: Properties and Applications

By Indranil Ghosh and Gholamhossein G. Hamedani

Part of book: Advances in Statistical Methodologies and Their Application to Real Problems

8. Fractal Geometry and Porosity

By Oluranti Agboola, Maurice Steven Onyango, Patricia Popoola and Opeyemi Alice Oyewo

Part of book: Fractal Analysis

9. Fuzzy Logic Energy Management for a Residential Power System Using Renewable Energy Sources

By Stefan Breban, Ioana Gros, Calin Marginean and Petre Teodosescu

Part of book: Modern Fuzzy Control Systems and Its Applications

10. Optimization Algorithms in Project Scheduling

By Amer M. Fahmy

Part of book: Optimization Algorithms