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1. Using Wavelets for Gait and Arm Swing Analysis

By Yor Jaggy Castaño-Pino, Andrés Navarro, Beatriz Muñoz and Jorge Luis Orozco

Part of book: Wavelet Transform and Complexity [Working Title]

2. The RR Interval Spectrum, the ECG Signal, and Aliasing

By Alexander Gersten, Ori Gersten, Adi Ronen and Yair Cassuto

Part of book: Fourier Transforms - Century of Digitalization and Increasing Expectations [Working Title]

3. Polynomials with Symmetric Zeros

By Ricardo Vieira

Part of book: Polynomials - Theory and Application [Working Title]

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1. Solution of Differential Equations with Applications to Engineering Problems

By Cheng Yung Ming

Part of book: Dynamical Systems - Analytical and Computational Techniques

2. Survey of Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for Deep Learning Training

By Zhonghuan Tian and Simon Fong

Part of book: Optimization Algorithms - Methods and Applications

3. Bayesian Hypothesis Testing: An Alternative to Null Hypothesis Significance Testing (NHST) in Psychology and Social Sciences

By Alonso Ortega and Gorka Navarrete

Part of book: Bayesian Inference

4. Fourier Analysis for Harmonic Signals in Electrical Power Systems

By Emmanuel Hernández Mayoral, Miguel Angel Hernández López, Edwin Román Hernández, Hugo Jorge Cortina Marrero, José Rafael Dorrego Portela and Victor Ivan Moreno Oliva

Part of book: Fourier Transforms - High-tech Application and Current Trends

5. Fuzzy Logic Energy Management for a Residential Power System Using Renewable Energy Sources

By Stefan Breban, Ioana Gros, Calin Marginean and Petre Teodosescu

Part of book: Modern Fuzzy Control Systems and Its Applications

6. Optimization Algorithms in Project Scheduling

By Amer M. Fahmy

Part of book: Optimization Algorithms - Methods and Applications

7. Fuzzy Logic Application, Control and Monitoring of Critical Machine Parameters in a Processing Company

By Tawanda Mushiri

Part of book: Modern Fuzzy Control Systems and Its Applications

8. Performance Comparison of PSO and Its New Variants in the Context of VLSI Global Routing

By Subhrapratim Nath, Jamuna Kanta Sing and Subir Kumar Sarkar

Part of book: Particle Swarm Optimization with Applications

9. Robust Optimization: Concepts and Applications

By José García and Alvaro Peña

Part of book: Nature-inspired Methods for Stochastic, Robust and Dynamic Optimization

10. Surveying Sensitive Topics with Indirect Questioning

By Evrim Oral

Part of book: Statistical Methodologies