Mohammad Younus Bhat

Islamic University of Science and Technology

Dr. Mohammad Younus Bhat is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Islamic University of Science and Technology, Kashmir. He obtained a master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Kashmir and a doctorate degree in Mathematics from the Central University of Jammu. He has more than sixty research papers and five book chapters to his credit. His prime research areas are signal and image processing, harmonic analysis, wavelet analysis, numerical analysis, and differential equations.

Mohammad Younus Bhat

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In the world of physical science, important physical quantities like sound, pressure, electrical current, voltage, and electromagnetic fields vary with time. Such quantities are labeled as signals/waveforms and include oral signals, optical signals, acoustic signals, biomedical signals, radar, and sonar. Time-frequency analysis is a vital aid in signal analysis, which is concerned with how the frequency of a function (or signal) behaves in time, and it has evolved into a widely recognized applied discipline of signal processing. This book discusses the Fourier transform (FT), which is one of the most valuable and widely used integral transforms that converts a signal from time versus amplitude to frequency versus amplitude. It is one of the oldest tools in the time-frequency analysis of signals. The book includes five chapters that discuss general Fourier transforms as well as new and novel transforms such as hybrid transforms, quadratic-phase Fourier transforms, fractional Fourier transforms, linear canonical transforms, and more.

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