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1. The Development and Genetic Improvement of South African Goats

By Carina Visser and Este van Marle‐Köster

Part of book: Goat Science

2. Managing Dietary Energy Intake by Broiler Chickens to Reduce Production Costs and Improve Product Quality

By Emmanuel U. Ahiwe, Apeh A. Omede, Medani B. Abdallh and Paul A. Iji

Part of book: Animal Husbandry and Nutrition

3. Artificial Insemination in Dogs

By Rita Payan-Carreira, Sonia Miranda and Wojciech Nizanski

Part of book: Artificial Insemination in Farm Animals

4. Probiotic Bacteria as an Healthy Alternative for Fish Aquaculture

By Camila Sayes, Yanett Leyton and Carlos Riquelme

Part of book: Antibiotic Use in Animals

5. Nutritional and Health Profile of Goat Products: Focus on Health Benefits of Goat Milk

By Maria João Reis Lima, Edite Teixeira-Lemos, Jorge Oliveira, Luís P. Teixeira-Lemos, António M.C. Monteiro and José M. Costa

Part of book: Goat Science

6. Goat System Productions: Advantages and Disadvantages to the Animal, Environment and Farmer

By António Monteiro, José Manuel Costa and Maria João Lima

Part of book: Goat Science

7. Quality of Chicken Meat

By Gordana Kralik, Zlata Kralik, Manuela Grčević and Danica Hanžek

Part of book: Animal Husbandry and Nutrition

8. Reproduction in Goats

By Fernando Sánchez Dávila, Alejandro Sergio del Bosque González and Hugo Bernal Barragán

Part of book: Goat Science

9. Estrus Synchronization and Artificial Insemination in Goats

By Bobwealth Oakina Omontese

Part of book: Goat Science

10. Current and Future Improvements in Livestock Nutrition and Feed Resources

By Grace Opadoyin Tona

Part of book: Animal Husbandry and Nutrition