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Cancer Stem Cells

The Cutting Edge

Over the last thirty years, the foremost inspiration for research on metastasis, cancer recurrence, and increased resistance to chemo- and radiotherapy has been the notion of cancer stem cells.The twenty-eight chapters assembled in Cancer Stem Cells - The Cutting Edge summarize the work of cancer researchers and oncologists at leading universities and hospitals around the world on every aspect of cancer stem cells, from theory and models to specific applications (glioma), from laboratory research on signal pathways to clinical trials of bio-therapies using a host of devices, from solutions to laboratory problems to speculation on cancers' stem cells' evolution. Cancer stem cells may or may not be a subset of slowly dividing cancer cells that both disseminate cancers and defy oncotoxic drugs and radiation directed at rapidly dividing bulk cancer cells, but research on cancer stem cells has paid dividends for cancer prevention, detection, targeted treatment, and improved prognosis.

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Cancer Stem CellsThe Cutting EdgeEdited by Stanley Shostak

Published: August 1st 2011

DOI: 10.5772/734

ISBN: 978-953-307-580-8

eBook (PDF) ISBN: 978-953-51-6444-9

Copyright year: 2011

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Open access peer-reviewed

1. Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells

By Lucinei Roberto Oliveira, Andrielle de Castilho Fernandes and Alfredo Ribeiro-Silva


Open access peer-reviewed

2. Clinical Significance of Putative Cancer Stem Cells in Residual Cancer Cells After Chemoradiotherapy for Rectal Cancer

By Koji Tanaka, Yasuhiro Inoue, Yuji Toiyama, Keiichi Uchida, Chikao Miki and Masato Kusunoki


Open access peer-reviewed

3. Cancer Stem Cells in Solid Organ Malignancies: Mechanisms of Treatment Resistance and Strategies for Therapeutic Targeting

By Marcus M. Monroe, Crystal J. Hessman, Daniel R. Clayburgh, Emily J. Bubbers and Melissa H. Wong


Open access peer-reviewed

4. Cancer Initiating Cells in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

By Jesús M. Paramio


Open access peer-reviewed

5. Stem Cell Growth as a Model of Carcinogenesis

By Steven Poser, Joseph Alisky, Kuei-Fang Chung, Doreen Ebermann, Monika Ehrhart-Bornstein, Stefan Bornstein and Andreas Androutsellis-Theotokis


Open access peer-reviewed

6. Cancer Stem Cells in Multiple Myeloma

By Sabino Ciavarella, Annalisa Milano, Annalisa Savonarola, Oronzo Brunetti, Franco Dammacco and Franco Silvestris


Open access peer-reviewed

7. Systems and Network Understanding of Cancer Stem Cells

By Asfar S. Azmi, Ramzi M. Mohammad, Sanjeev Banerjee, Zhiwei Wang, Bin Bao and Fazlul H. Sarkar


Open access peer-reviewed

8. What do We Know About Cancer Stem Cells? Utilizing Colon Cancer as an Example

By Benhaim Leonor, Labonte Melissa and Lenz Heinz-Joseph


Open access peer-reviewed

9. Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Cancer Stem Cells

By Gaoliang Ouyang


Open access peer-reviewed

10. Cancer Stem Cell Niche: The Role of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Tumor Microenvironment 189

By Kanya Honoki, Hiromasa Fujii and Toshifumi Tsujiuchi


Open access peer-reviewed

11. Transformation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

By Nedime Serakinci, Rikke Christensen and Umut Fahrioglu


Open access peer-reviewed

12. Brain Tumor Stem Cells and Anti-Angiogenic Therapy

By Katsuya Saito, Kazunari Yoshida and Masahiro Toda


Open access peer-reviewed

13. Targeting Glioma Stem Cells: Path Leading to the Cure

By Ke Sai and Zhong-ping Chen


Open access peer-reviewed

14. Glioma Stem Cells

By Ryan Y. Kim, Ali Mahta and Santosh Kesari


Open access peer-reviewed

15. Regulation of Glioma Stem Cells by the Notch Signaling Pathway: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Implications

By Hong-Yan Qin, Luo-An Fu and Hua Han


Open access peer-reviewed

16. The Hedgehog Signaling Network and the Development of Gastric Cancer

By Jessica M. Donnelly, JeanMarie Houghton and Yana Zavros


Open access peer-reviewed

17. Differentiation of Cancer Stem Cells

By Taro Yamashita, Masao Honda and Shuichi Kaneko


Open access peer-reviewed

18. Carbohydrate Antigens as Cancer-Initiating Cell Markers

By Wei-Ming Lin, Uwe Karsten, Steffen Goletz and Yi Cao


Open access peer-reviewed

19. Influence of Culture Environment and Mollicutes Contaminations on CD133 Modulation in Cancer Stem Cells

By Elisabetta Mariotti, Peppino Mirabelli, Francesca D’Alessio, Marica Gemei, Rosa Di Noto, Giuliana Fortunato and Luigi Del Vecchio


Open access peer-reviewed

20. Therapeutic Strategies Targeting Cancer Stem Cells

By Atique U. Ahmed, Bart Thaci, Derek A. Wainwright, Mahua Dey and Maciej S. Lesniak


Open access peer-reviewed

21. Latest Therapeutic Approaches Based on Cancer Stem Cells

By Dou Jun, Wang Jing and Gu Ning


Open access peer-reviewed

22. Potential Application of Natural Dietary Components to Target Cancer Stem Cells

By Yanyan Li, Steven J. Schwartz and Duxin Sun


Open access peer-reviewed

23. Towards New Anticancer Strategies by Targeting Cancer Stem Cells with Phytochemical Compounds

By Sharif Tanveer, Emhemmed Fathi and Fuhrmann Guy


Open access peer-reviewed

24. Isolation of Liver Cancer Stem-Like Cells by Hoe33342 or Rhodamine123 Efflux

By Weihui Liu, Nan You and Kefeng Dou


Open access peer-reviewed

25. Large-Scale Production of Human Glioblastoma-Derived Cancer Stem Cell Tissue in Suspension Bioreactors to Facilitate the Development of Novel Oncolytic Therapeutics

By Krishna Panchalingam, Wendy Paramchuk, Parvinder Hothi, Nameeta Shah, Leroy Hood, Greg Foltz and Leo A. Behie


Open access peer-reviewed

26. Cancer Stem Cells: The Role of the Environment and Methods to Identify Them

By Giuseppe Pirozzi


Open access peer-reviewed

27. Modulation of Multidrug Resistance on the Same Single Cancer Cell in a Microfluidic Chip: Intended for Cancer Stem Cell Research

By XiuJun Li, Yuchun Chen and Paul C.H. Li


Open access peer-reviewed

28. Evolution of Cancer Stem Cells

By Stanley Shostak


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