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1. The Evolution of Quality Concepts and the Related Quality Management

By Ching-Chow Yang

Part of book: Quality Control and Assurance - An Ancient Greek Term Re-Mastered

2. A Mamdani Type Fuzzy Logic Controller

By Ion Iancu

Part of book: Fuzzy Logic - Controls, Concepts, Theories and Applications

3. Power System and Substation Automation

By Edward Chikuni

Part of book: Automation

4. Dynamics-Based Vibration Signal Modeling for Tooth Fault Diagnosis of Planetary Gearboxes

By Xihui Liang, Ming J. Zuo and Wenhua Chen

Part of book: Fault Diagnosis and Detection

5. Advanced Methods of PID Controller Tuning for Specified Performance

By Štefan Bucz and Alena Kozáková

Part of book: PID Control for Industrial Processes

6. Computer-Aided Techniques for Geometry Assurance

By Andrea Corrado and Wilma Polini

Part of book: Computer-aided Technologies - Applications in Engineering and Medicine

7. Stewart-Gough Platform: Design and Construction with a Digital PID Controller Implementation

By Flabio Dario Mirelez-Delgado, José Ronaldo Díaz-Paredes and Miguel Abraham Gallardo-Carreón

Part of book: Automation and Control

8. Optimum PI/PID Controllers Tuning via an Evolutionary Algorithm

By Jorge-Humberto Urrea-Quintero, Jesús-Antonio Hernández-Riveros and Nicolás Muñoz-Galeano

Part of book: PID Control for Industrial Processes

9. Modeling and Attitude Control of Satellites in Elliptical Orbits

By Espen Oland

Part of book: Applied Modern Control

10. Applications of Adaptive Filtering

By J. Gerardo Avalos, Juan C. Sanchez and Jose Velazquez

Part of book: Adaptive Filtering Applications