Mohammad Shamsuzzoha

Industrial Process Modelling and Control

Dr. Shamsuzzoha has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering specializing in process design, modeling, simulation and control. He conducts studies and provides process engineering and modeling & simulation support to clients in a wide area of process industries. Before his present position, he has worked in ADNOC Refining Co., as a Senior Specialist, Process Engineering focused on technical support to refinery and gas plant including process modeling & simulation, modification, and design of refinery units, and associated gas plant. Recently he has completed MBA in Entrepreneurship & Leadership and he has unique work experience in academics, industries, and research & development in a multicultural environment.

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PID Control for Industrial Processes presents a clear, multidimensional representation of proportional - integral - derivative (PID) control for both students and specialists working in the area of PID control. It mainly focuses on the theory and application of PID control in industrial processes. It incorporates recent developments in PID control technology in industrial practice. Emphasis has been given to finding the best possible approach to develop a simple and optimal solution for industrial users. This book includes several chapters that cover a broad range of topics and priority has been given to subjects that cover real-world examples and case studies. The book is focused on approaches for controller tuning, i.e., method bases on open-loop plant tests and closed-loop experiments.

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