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Yuri V. Kim graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute as an electro-mechanical engineer specializing in aerospace GN&C and avionics. He obtained his Candidate of Technical Sconce ( Ph.D) and Doctor of Technical Science degrees in aerospace GN&C. After graduation, he worked in the aerospace industry and universities of the USSR as an engineer, research scientist, manager and professor. After the collapse of the USSR, he worked for the Israel Aerospace Industries Corporation (IAI) and then for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) as an engineer and scientist, lecturing and training Canadian students and new engineers and scientists. His main areas of interest are state estimation and multisensory navigation systems, satellite control systems. For the last several years he has been working on new methods for satellite navigation and control, and functional qualification tests for satellite control systems. He has many scientific publications and inventions that have been implemented in flight systems in the USSR, Israel and Canada.

Yuri V. Kim

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The purpose of this book is to present some uses of the Kalman filter (KF) in engineering activities that can produce a robust and technically acceptable result while keeping as close as possible to the optimal (most accurate) solution. KF sub-optimization is often required, due to the realities of implementation and real-life operational conditions. The book brings together the experiences of specialists from different engineering areas using the KF in their practice.

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