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1. Conceptual Frameworks of Vulnerability Assessments for Natural Disasters Reduction

By Roxana L. Ciurean, Dagmar Schröter and Thomas Glade

Part of book: Approaches to Disaster Management

2. Mapping is a Key for Sustainable Development of Coastal Waters: Examples of Seagrass Beds and Aquaculture Facilities in Japan with Use of ALOS Images

By Teruhisa Komatsu, Tatsuyuki Sagawa, Shuhei Sawayama, Hideaki Tanoue, Akihiko Mohri and Yoshihiko Sakanishi

Part of book: Sustainable Development

3. Drilling Fluid Technology: Performances and Environmental Considerations

By Mohamed Khodja, Malika Khodja-Saber, Jean Paul Canselier, Nathalie Cohaut and Faïza Bergaya

Part of book: Products and Services


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. How Do Social Values and Norms Affect Architecture of the Turkish House?

By Nevnihal Erdoğan

Part of book: Socialization

2. Socialization Processes toward Children and Adolescents for Developing Empathy, Sympathy and Prosocial Behaviors

By Turhan Şengönül

Part of book: Socialization

3. Performance Measurement System Based on Supply Chain Operations Reference Model: Review and Proposal

By Tálita Floriano dos Santos and Maria Silene Alexandre Leite

Part of book: Contemporary Issues and Research in Operations Management

4. Socialization in Modern Transitive World

By Tatiana Martsinkovskaya, Ekaterina Kiseleva, Oksana Gavrichenko and Darja Tkachenko

Part of book: Socialization

5. Socialization from the Point of View of Postnonclassical (Universum) Sociological Theory of Rationality

By Dmitry O. Trufanov

Part of book: Socialization

6. Entrepreneurship and Interdisciplinary School Projects of Vulnerable Students in Santiago de Chile: Experiences from the “123 Emprender” Program

By Marianela Denegri-Coria, Pamela Salazar-Valenzuela, Pamela Canales-Poo and Alejandra Gallo-Poblete

Part of book: Socialization

7. Improving Social Skills through Collaborative Artwork and Group Activity

By Daiki Kato

Part of book: Socialization

8. Supplier Management in Service Industry: What can be Learned from Automotive Manufacturing?

By Robert G. Batson

Part of book: Contemporary Issues and Research in Operations Management

9. Balancing Operational Services in Healthcare: An Indonesian Perspective

By Herni Justiana Astuti

Part of book: Contemporary Issues and Research in Operations Management

10. The Hijab as Gift: Mechanisms of Community Socialisation in the Muslim Diaspora

By Anna-Mari Almila and David Inglis

Part of book: Socialization