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Near East University

Prof. Dr. Fahriye Altınay has been teaching undergraduate courses in educational instructional technologies and material design, classroom management, ethics in education, social responsibility, scientific research methods, and more since 2002. She also teaches postgraduate courses such as project management, education management, contemporary education supervision, and society, culture, and education. Dr. Altinay is a full-time faculty member at Near East University, North Cyprus, working scientifically and administratively on issues such as higher education boards, multiculturalism, quality studies, strategic planning, unimpeded informatics, and smart society. Prof. Dr. Altınay is the vice director of the Graduate Education Institute, the chair of the Center for Social Research and Development, and the head of the Education Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department and Computer Education and Instructional Technologies. She is also an editor and referee for international journals and books. Her research interests include developing critical friends and skills online with international perspectives and practices, participation in online learning, online learning readiness of higher education institutions, education and distance education practices of disabled individuals in the pandemic period, open education resources, MOOCs, barrier-free tourism, and education. She is currently working on projects on the disabled, inclusive education practices, entrepreneurship, and community analysis during the pandemic period.

Fahriye Altınay

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Equality relies on inclusiveness. This is especially true in education. This book raises awareness of inclusiveness in learning and teaching environments. It discusses ways to achieve inclusiveness in education for those with intellectual and learning disabilities. The chapters examine inclusive learning and teaching strategies and approaches, as well as the roles of teachers in creating inclusive educational environments.

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