Simon George Taukeni

University of Namibia

Simon George Taukeni is an author, editor, and academic. He has been working at the University of Namibia since 2011. He is also a part-time tutor at Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). He is a former post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Fort Hare, South Africa. Dr. Taukeni has a Ph.D., MPH, MEd, and BEd, as well as a specialized postgraduate diploma in Behavioral and Emotional Disorders. He has collaborated with many local and international researchers and scholars in his capacity as an editor, internal and external examiner, and principal project investigator.

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Emotional intelligence (EI) is the best instrument to build stronger relationships, communicate effectively, relieve stress, overcome challenges, and achieve career and personal goals. As such, this book covers a variety of topics related to the science of EI. Chapters address the science and philosophy behind EI, using EI to cope with consequences, strategies to develop EI in early childhood education, neuromarketing, emotional responding and adversity, brain networks of emotional prosody processing, humor events and wellbeing, and much more.

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