Sanjeet Kumar

Ambika Prasad Research Foundation, India

Sanjeet Kumar is the founder and CEO of Ambika Prasad Research Foundation (APRF), India, and the Institute of Biological Sciences (IBS), India. He has worked with many Indian organizations and institutes, including the Regional Plant Resource Center (RPRC), Regional Institute of Education (RIE), Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development (IBSD), National Institute of Technology (NIT), and the Forest, Environment, and Climate Change Department, Odisha, India. His research focuses on tribal communities, indigenous traditional knowledge, traditional therapeutic systems, traditional foods, plant taxonomy, medicinal plants, biodiversity conservation, restoration of floral wealth, management plans for protected areas, threatened taxa, phytochemistry, and anti-microbial activities of ethnobotanical plants. He has written 20 books, several book chapters, and around 150 research papers that have been published in national and international publications. He has supervised 50 M.Sc. students and is currently guiding 3 Ph.D. scholars and 3 M.Sc. students. He has organized several national and international seminars and awareness programs on medicinal plants and tribal cultures.

Sanjeet Kumar

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This book, Medicinal Plants, provides a comprehensive overview of plant species helpful for treating and preventing human diseases and disorders. It also discusses how to obtain sustainable healthcare systems from nature and make harmony with currently available medicinal wealth, ecology, and the community.

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Medicinal Plants Edited by Sanjeet Kumar

Medicinal Plants

Edited by Sanjeet Kumar

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Endangered Plants Edited by Sanjeet Kumar

Endangered Plants

Edited by Sanjeet Kumar