Sanjeet Kumar

Ambika Prasad Research Foundation

Dr. Sanjeet Kumar, DELF, is the founder and CEO of Ambika Prasad Research Foundation, India. His current research is focused on status, taxonomy, diversity, phytochemistry, and antimicrobial activity of medicinal and nutraceutical plants; population analysis and restoration of threatened taxa; wetland ecosystems and their bio-wealth; various management practices in protected areas; and giving training to the researchers, biologists, and academicians on medicinal plants and threatened taxa. He is also Chief Editor, Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation. He is documenting the floral and faunal wealth, ecological importance of different landscapes and giving training to undergraduate and postgraduate students in these areas. Dr. Kumar has thirteen years of research experience and published twenty books and 115 research and review articles in journals of national and international repute.

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This book presents a multitude of contemporary views on endangered plants. Section I discusses a variety of endangered species and Section II presents conservation strategies for these plants. Chapters emphasize the impacts of climate change and anthropogenic activities on endangered plants and their restoration. It also explores recent developments in sustainable methods of conservation.

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