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The Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research

Dr. Habtamu Alem holds a Ph.D. and an MSc in Economics, both from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). Dr. Alem is a research scientist in the Department of Economics and Society at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO). With more than two decades of extensive applied research experience spanning Europe and Africa, Dr. Alem boasts a remarkable professional trajectory. Notably, he has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals, such as the International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Educational Development, Sustainability, Applied Economics, Economies, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Research in Economics, and others. Additionally, Dr. Alem has been actively engaged in the review process of academic publications, consistently providing his expertise. His dedication to academia extends to his role as the academic editor of the book Sustainable Agricultural Value Chain published by IntechOpen in 2022.

Habtamu Alem

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In the face of unprecedented challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic, Resilience and Realities - Exploring Pandemic Effects, Governance Challenges, and Economic Insights offers a comprehensive exploration of the intricate interplay between public policies and uncertain times. This enlightening volume presents a thought-provoking collection of chapters that dissect the illusions, opportunities, and complexities surrounding public policies during crises. Spanning two captivating sections, this book embarks on a journey through the labyrinth of pandemic-related public policies, offering fresh insights into the ever-evolving landscape of economic responses and the resilient spirit of entrepreneurship. In the first section, “Illusions of Public Policies Amidst a Pandemic”, readers are invited to dissect the enigma of navigating uncertainties in crisis management. Delve into the gendered impact of the pandemic on academic women, explore the untapped opportunities within the pandemic’s wake, and scrutinize the efficacy of governmental economic strategies. The second section, “Public Policies towards Investment, Technology, and Efficiency”, provides an insightful investigation into the impact of investment in human capital on economic growth. Review the intricacies of financial management within the public sector and gain an understanding of the multifaceted dimensions of technology, investment, and efficiency in public policies. With each chapter, esteemed authors contribute their expertise to illuminate the complexities of these critical topics. Resilience and Realities - Exploring Pandemic Effects, Governance Challenges, and Economic Insights is a vital resource for policymakers, economists, academics, and curious minds seeking a deeper understanding of the intricate nexus between public policies and uncertain times. Explore the wealth of knowledge and insights within these pages and embark on a journey toward a more informed and resilient future. Discover illuminating perspectives, engage in thought-provoking analyses, and embrace the ever-changing landscape of public economics. This book stands as a beacon of knowledge and enlightenment in an era of unprecedented challenges.

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