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1. Erythrocyte Nitric Oxide

By Carlota Saldanha and Ana Silva-Herdade

Part of book: Novel Prospects in Oxidative and Nitrosative Stress

2. Acquired Epidermolysis Bullosa and Linear Immunoglobulin A Bullous Dermatosis

By Gökçen Çelik and Seda Atay

Part of book: Autoimmune Bullous Diseases

3. Molecular Signal Integration of Aging and Diabetes Mellitus

By Irina Sarvilina

Part of book: Diabetes and Its Complications

4. Economic Evaluations in Health from the Perspective of the Costs Associated with Diabetes Mellitus Treatment

By Maurílio de Souza Cazarim, Ana Carolina de Oliveira Gonçalves, Leonardo Régis Leira Pereira and André de Oliveira Baldoni

Part of book: Diabetes and Its Complications

5. Body Temperature Regulation During Exercise and Hyperthermia in Diabetics

By Ryosuke Takeda and Kazunobu Okazaki

Part of book: Diabetes and Its Complications

6. Public Health Implications of Intestinal Microbiota in Migratory Birds

By Takehiko Kenzaka and Katsuji Tani

Part of book: Metagenomics for Gut Microbes

7. The Use of Platelet-Rich Plasma in Dry Eye Disease

By Marina Viegas Moura Rezende Ribeiro, Eurica Adélia Nogueira Ribeiro and Luiz Feliciano Ribeiro

Part of book: Plasma Medicine

8. Plasma for Laboratory Diagnostics

By Ramune Sepetiene, Raminta Sidlauskiene and Vaiva Patamsyte

Part of book: Plasma Medicine

9. Plasma Exchange in Clinical Practice

By Jean J. Filipov, Borelli K. Zlatkov and Emil P. Dimitrov

Part of book: Plasma Medicine

10. Introductory Chapter: Diabetes, It is Always Something

By Jeffery G. Grigsby and Andrew T.C. Tsin

Part of book: Early Events in Diabetic Retinopathy and Intervention Strategies