Norihide Fukushima

National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center

Birthday August 28, 1956 Birthplace Mexico City, United States of Mexico EDUCATION AND TRAINING Education Major Subject 1982 Osaka University, Faculty of Medicine, Japan M.D. 1992 Osaka University, Faculty of Medicine, Japan PhD. APPOINTMENTS AND POSITIONS Years Name and Location of Institution Inclusive or Organization Title 1985 Division of cardiovascular Surgery, Osaka Children Hospital Resident Osaka, Japan 1987 First Department of Surgery, Osaka University Resident Osaka, Japan 1989-1991 First Department of Surgery, Osaka University, Research Fellow Osaka, Japan 1991-1994 Department of Surgery, Loma Linda University Research and Clinical, Loma Linda, CA Fellow 1994-2012 First Department of Surgery, Osaka University, Assistant - Associate Osaka, Japan Professor 2007-2015 Division of Transplant Medicine, Osaka University Vice Director Hospital, Osaka, Japan 2012-2014 Department of Therapeutics for End-Organ Dysfunction Professor and Chief 2015-current Department of Transplant Medicine, National Cerebral and Director Cardiovascular Center He was born in Mexico City in August 1956. He graduated School of Medicine, Osaka University in 1982. After he finished residency of pediatric cardiac surgery at Osaka Children Hospital, he was working as an assistant cardiac surgeon and got his PhD by a study of 24-hour immersed cardiac preservation by using terminal blood cardioplegia. Between November 1991 and March 1994, he got training of pediatric heart transplantation and did research concerning xenotransplantation and cardiac donation after cardiac death in Loma Linda University, California. After returning to Japan in 1994, he is mainly preparing heart transplantation system in Japan as well as Osaka University and contributed first heart transplantation in Japan. He also contributed to revise Japanese Organ Transplant Act in 2010, which enabled brain dead organ donation in children and increased heart transplantation.