Adelaja Osibote

Cape Peninsula University of Technology South Africa

Adelaja Osibote is a Senior Lecturer of Medical and Health Physics at the Department of Mathematics and Physics, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa, where she teaches subjects in Physics. She graduated with a second-class upper in Physics (Hons) M.Sc. in Engineering Physics (Medical & Health Physics option). She received D.Sc. in Public Health (Medical Physics) from Escola Nacional de Saude Publica, FIOCRUZ, Brazil. She authored about 70 papers in international journals and international conference proceedings. She has been involved in a number of research projects funded by her institution. She is a reviewer for several international scientific journals. Her research interest includes irradiation and radioactivity contents of some foodstuffs, dosimetry studies in diagnostic radiology, radiation protection and safety, and assessment of metal contents in environmental samples.

Adelaja Osibote

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This book provides readers with comprehensive details on the management and measures to protect health against risks to people and environments generated by the use of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. This book is divided into three sections, namely, Radiation Protection and Measurement; Radiation Therapy; and Radioactivity. The first section covers ionizing radiation protection; population exposure to non-ionizing density; and the system of dosimetry quantities for use in emergency preparedness and response to nuclear or radiological accidents. The second section covers various planning techniques for spinal stereotactic body radiotherapy and the application of radiation technology in the development of a malaria vaccine. The third section discusses environmental radioactivity monitoring using efficient measurements and the assessment of radiation exposure to humans. Also in this section is the evaluation of the effects of chronic radiation exposure on the testes of mice after a nuclear power plant accident.

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