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1. Vision Goes Symbolic Without Loss of Information Within the Preattentive Vision Phase: The Need to Shift the Learning Paradigm from Machine-Learning (from Examples) to Machine-Teaching (by Rules) at the First Stage of a Two-Stage Hybrid Remote... Part I

By Andrea Baraldi

Part of book: Earth Observation

2. A Review of the 1170 Andújar (Jaén, South Spain) Earthquake, Including the First Likely Archeological Evidence

By J.A. Peláez, J.C. Castillo, F. Gómez Cabeza, M. Sánchez Gómez, J.M. Martínez Solares and C. López Casado

Part of book: Earthquake Research and Analysis

3. Stratigraphy of Jurassic Sediments of the Southern Siberian Platform (Russia) Studied through Lithologic and Paleobotanical Data

By Andrey Olegovich Frolov, Nikolay Ivanovich Akulov and Irina Mikhailovna Mashchuk

Part of book: Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphy and Integrated Stratigraphy

4. Analysis of Fractal Dimension of the Wind Speed and Its Relationships with Turbulent and Stability Parameters

By Manuel Tijera, Gregorio Maqueda, Carlos Yagüe and José L. Cano

Part of book: Fractal Analysis and Chaos in Geosciences

5. The Use of Remote Sensed Data and GIS to Produce a Digital Geomorphological Map of a Test Area in Central Italy

By Laura Melelli, Lucilia Gregori and Luisa Mancinelli

Part of book: Remote Sensing of Planet Earth

6. Development of a High-Resolution Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring Volcanic Activity

By Jose Chilo, Andreas Schluter and Thomas Lindblad

Part of book: Geoscience and Remote Sensing

7. Using Kernel Methods in a Learning Machine Approach for Multispectral Data Classification. An Application in Agriculture

By Adrian Gonzalez, Jose Moreno, Graham Russell and Astrid Marquez

Part of book: Geoscience and Remote Sensing

8. Evaluation of Linear and Nonlinear Site Effects for the MW 6.3, 2009 L’Aquila Earthquake

By C. Nunziata, M.R. Costanzo, F. Vaccari and G.F. Panza

Part of book: Earthquake Research and Analysis

9. Extracting Earthquake Induced Coherent Soil Mass Movements

By Kazuo Konagai, Zaheer Abbas Kazmi and Yu Zhao

Part of book: Earthquake Research and Analysis

10. 6th International Maar Conference-Abstracts

By Lei Zhang

Part of book: 6th International Maar Conference Abstracts