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1. Generation, Evolution, and Characterization of Turbulence Coherent Structures

By Zambri Harun and Eslam Reda Lotfy

Part of book: Turbulence and Related Phenomena

2. Stages of a Integrated Geothermal Project

By Alfonso Aragón-Aguilar, Georgina Izquierdo-Montalvo, Daniel Octavio Aragón-Gaspar and Denise N. Barreto-Rivera

Part of book: Renewable Geothermal Energy Explorations

3. Earth Rotation – Basic Theory and Features

By Sung-Ho Na

Part of book: Geodetic Sciences - Observations, Modeling and Applications

4. A Review: Remote Sensing Sensors

By Lingli Zhu, Juha Suomalainen, Jingbin Liu, Juha Hyyppä, Harri Kaartinen and Henrik Haggren

Part of book: Multi-purposeful Application of Geospatial Data

5. Applications of Remote Sensing in Geoscience

By Hakim Saibi, Mohand Bersi, Mohamed Bodruddoza Mia, Nureddin Mohamed Saadi, Khalid Mohamed Saleh Al Bloushi and Robert W. Avakian

Part of book: Recent Advances and Applications in Remote Sensing

6. Structural Geological Analysis of the High Atlas (Morocco): Evidences of a Transpressional Fold-Thrust Belt

By Alessandro Ellero, Giuseppe Ottria, Marco G. Malusà and Hassan Ouanaimi

Part of book: Tectonics - Recent Advances

7. Cation Distribution and Equilibration Temperature of Amphiboles from the Sittampundi Complex, South India

By B. Maibam and S. Mitra

Part of book: An Introduction to the Study of Mineralogy

8. Role of the NE-SW Hercynian Master Fault Systems and Associated Lineaments on the Structuring and Evolution of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic Basins of the Alpine Margin, Northern Tunisia

By Fetheddine Melki, Taher Zouaghi, Mohamed Ben Chelbi, Mourad Bédir and Fouad Zargouni

Part of book: Tectonics - Recent Advances

9. Performance Analysis of FSO Systems over Atmospheric Turbulence Channel for Indian Weather Conditions

By Prabu Krishnan

Part of book: Turbulence and Related Phenomena

10. Organic Petrology: An Overview

By Suárez-Ruiz Isabel

Part of book: Petrology - New Perspectives and Applications