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Early online chapter releases in this category

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1. Development of recurrent method with rotation for combined adjustment of terrestrial geodetic and GNSS networks in national spatial reference system

By Ha Hoa

Part of book: Accuracy of GNSS Methods

2. Introductory Chapter: The philosophy behind the accuarcy assessment of GNSS methods

By Dogan Ugur Sanli

Part of book: Accuracy of GNSS Methods

3. Robust GNSS positioning in urban environment

By Enik Shytermeja

Part of book: Accuracy of GNSS Methods

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Most cited chapters in this category

Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. Prediction of Volumetric Shrinkage in Expansive Soils (Role of Remote Sensing)

By Fekerte Arega Yitagesu, Freek van der Meer and Harald van der Werff

Part of book: Advances in Geoscience and Remote Sensing

2. Kelyphite and symplectite: textural and mineralogical diversities and universality, and a new dynamic view of their structural formation

By Masaaki Obata

Part of book: New Frontiers in Tectonic Research

3. Monitoring Land Suitability for Mixed Livestock Grazing Using Geographic Information System (GIS)

By Fazel Amiri, Abdul Rashid B. Mohamed Shariff and Taybeh Tabatabaie

Part of book: Application of Geographic Information Systems

4. Structural Geological Analysis of the High Atlas (Morocco): Evidences of a Transpressional Fold-Thrust Belt

By Alessandro Ellero, Giuseppe Ottria, Marco G. Malusà and Hassan Ouanaimi

Part of book: Tectonics

5. Role of the NE-SW Hercynian Master Fault Systems and Associated Lineaments on the Structuring and Evolution of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic Basins of the Alpine Margin, Northern Tunisia

By Fetheddine Melki, Taher Zouaghi, Mohamed Ben Chelbi, Mourad Bédir and Fouad Zargouni

Part of book: Tectonics

6. Mapping and Analyzing the Volcano-Petrology and Tectono-Seismicity Characteristics Along the Syrian Rift – NW the Arabian Plate

By Ahmad Bilal

Part of book: Advances in Data, Methods, Models and Their Applications in Geoscience

7. Earth Rotation – Basic Theory and Features

By Sung-Ho Na

Part of book: Geodetic Sciences

8. Optical Satellite Remote Sensing of the Coastal Zone Environment — An Overview

By Ana C. Teodoro

Part of book: Environmental Applications of Remote Sensing

9. Airborne Magnetic Surveys to Investigate High Temperature Geothermal Reservoirs

By Supri Soengkono

Part of book: Advances in Geothermal Energy

10. Organic Petrology: An Overview

By Suárez-Ruiz Isabel

Part of book: Petrology