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Károly Németh is an expert at the Saudi Geological Survey working on volcanic geology, volcanic hazard, geoheritage, and geodiversity of monogenetic volcanic fields (harrats) of the Arabian Peninsula. He is also a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Earth Physics and Space Science, Hungary, an Adjunct Professor of Volcanic Risk Solutions, at Massey University, New Zealand, and a Research Affiliate at the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Italy. He was an elected member of the Executive Committee of the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of Earth Interior and leads its Volcaniclastic Sediments, Monogenetic Volcanism and Volcanic Geoheritage commissions. Currently, he is a Vice President of the International Association of Sedimentologists.

Károly Németh

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Volcanic geology is a rapidly growing research field within earth sciences. It is a research field that provides the fundamental basic data to be able to reconstruct volcanism that generated eruptive products and the sedimentary processes acted upon to redeposit and rework volcanic pyroclasts. Due to the broad time and spatial scales over which volcanism takes place, it is difficult to determine the correct link between the preserved rocks and the type of volcanism responsible for their formation. Volcanic rocks represent geological processes that occur in a distinct and rapid pattern compared to other geological processes. This book provides insight into the problem of determining the scale of volcanism and linking it to the volcanic rock record. It includes comprehensive reviews and case studies representative of volcanism in diverse geological environments. This book provides a broad overview of the problems, complexity, and usefulness of the active volcanism-based volcanic geology approach to interpreting volcanic rocks in the geological record.

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