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Advances in Geoscience and Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is the acquisition of information of an object or phenomenon, by the use of either recording or real-time sensing device(s), that is not in physical or intimate contact with the object (such as by way of aircraft, spacecraft, satellite, buoy, or ship). In practice, remote sensing is the stand-off collection through the use of a variety of devices for gathering information on a given object or area. Human existence is dependent on our ability to understand, utilize, manage and maintain the environment we live in - Geoscience is the science that seeks to achieve these goals. This book is a collection of contributions from world-class scientists, engineers and educators engaged in the fields of geoscience and remote sensing.

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Advances in Geoscience and Remote SensingEdited by Gary Jedlovec

Published: October 1st 2009

DOI: 10.5772/46139

ISBN: 978-953-307-005-6

eBook (PDF) ISBN: 978-953-51-4901-9

Copyright year: 2009

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Open access peer-reviewed

1. Enhancing the Unmixing Algorithm through the Spatial Data Modeling for Limnological Studies

By Enner Herenio Alcantara, Jose Luiz Stech, Evlyn Marcia Leso de Moraes Novo and Claudio Clemente Faria Barbosa


Open access peer-reviewed

2. Application of Remote Sensing to the Estimation of Sea Ice Thickness Distribution

By Takenobu Toyota


Open access peer-reviewed

3. Correction of NDVI Calculated from ASTER L1B and ASTER (AST07) Data Based on Ground Measurement

By Hoshino Buho, Masami Kaneko and Kenta Ogawa


Open access peer-reviewed

4. Environmental Hazards in the El-Temsah Lake, Suez Canal District, Egypt

By Kaiser, M. F., Amin, A. S. and Aboulela, H. A.


Open access peer-reviewed

5. Air Pollution Determination Using Remote Sensing Technique

By H. S. Lim, M. Z. MatJafri, K. Abdullah and C. J. Wong


Open access peer-reviewed

6. Some Features of The Volume Component of Radar Backscatter From Thick and Dry Snow Cover

By Boris Yurchak


Open access peer-reviewed

7. Theoretical Modeling for Polarimetric Scattering and Information Retrieval of SAR Remote Sensing

By Ya-Qiu Jin


Open access peer-reviewed

8. Polarimetric Responses and Scattering Mechanisms of Tropical Forests in the Brazilian Amazon

By J. R. dos Santos, I. S. Narvaes, P. M. L. A. Graca and F. G. Goncalves


Open access peer-reviewed

9. Discovery of User-Generated Geographic Data Using Web Search Engines

By Carlos Abargues, Carlos Granell, Laura Diaz, Joaquin Huerta and Arturo Beltran


Open access peer-reviewed

10. Estimation of Soil Properties Using Observations and the Crop Model STICS. Interest of Global Sensitivity Analysis and Impact on the Prediction of Agro-Environmental Variables

By Hubert Varella, Martine Guerif and Samuel Buis


Open access peer-reviewed

11. Modeling of Wake-Vortex Detection by a Ground-based Fiber LIDAR System

By S. Brousmiche, L. Bricteux, G. Winckelmans, B. Macq and P. Sobieski


Open access peer-reviewed

12. Earthquake Damage Mapping Techniques Using SAR and Optical Remote Sensing Satellite Data

By Marco Chini


Open access peer-reviewed

13. Spectroscopic Microwave Dielectric Model of Moist Soils

By Valery Mironov and Pavel Bobrov


Open access peer-reviewed

14. Automated Detection of Clouds in Satellite Imagery

By Gary Jedlovec


Open access peer-reviewed

15. Remote sensing and the disaster management cycle

By Karen E. Joyce, Kim C. Wright, Sergey V. Samsonov and Vincent G. Ambrosia


Open access peer-reviewed

16. Prediction of Volumetric Shrinkage in Expansive Soils (Role of Remote Sensing)

By Fekerte Arega Yitagesu, Freek van der Meer and Harald van der Werff


Open access peer-reviewed

17. Monitoring Soil Moisture from Spaceborne Passive Microwave Radiometers: Algorithm Developments and Applications to AMSR-E and SSM/I

By Hui Lu, Toshio Koike, Tetsu Ohta, David Ndegwa Kuria, Kun Yang Hideyuki Fujii, Hiroyuki Tsutsui and Katsunori Tamagawa


Open access peer-reviewed

18. Multiwavelength Polarimetric Lidar for Foliage Obscured Man-Made Target Detection

By Songxin Tan and Jason Stoker


Open access peer-reviewed

19. Unmixing Based Landsat ETM+ and ASTER Image Fusion for Hybrid Multispectral Image Analysis

By Nouha Mezned, Saadi Abdeljaoued and Mohamed Rached Boussema


Open access peer-reviewed

20. InSAR phase analysis: Phase unwrapping for noisy SAR interferograms

By Riadh Abdelfattah


Open access peer-reviewed

21. Soil moisture estimation using L-band radiometry

By Alessandra Monerris and Thomas Schmugge


Open access peer-reviewed

22. AggieAir: Towards Low-cost Cooperative Multispectral Remote Sensing Using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

By Haiyang Chao, Austin M. Jensen, Yiding Han, YangQuan Chen and Mac McKee


Open access peer-reviewed

23. Possibilistic and fuzzy multi-sensor fusion for humanitarian mine action

By Nada Milisavljevic and Isabelle Bloch


Open access peer-reviewed

24. Non specular reflection and depolarisation due to walls under oblique incidence

By Inigo Cuinas, Manuel G. Sanchez and Ana V. Alejos


Open access peer-reviewed

25. Dynamical Enhancement Technique for Geophysical Analysis of Remote Sensing Imagery

By Ivan E. Villalon-Turrubiates


Open access peer-reviewed

26. Forest Inventory using Optical and Radar Remote Sensing

By Yolanda Fernandez-Ordonez, Jesus Soria-Ruiz and Brigitte Leblon


Open access peer-reviewed

27. Application of Multi-Frequency Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) in Crop Classification

By Jiali Shang, Heather McNairn, Catherine Champagne and Xianfeng Jiao


Open access peer-reviewed

28. Multispectal Image Classification Using Rough Set Theory and Particle Swam Optimization

By Chih-Cheng Hung, Hendri Purnawan, Bor-Chen Kuo and Scott Letkeman


Open access peer-reviewed

29. Derivative analysis of hyperspectral oceanographic data

By Elena Torrecilla, Jaume Piera and Meritxell Vilaseca


Open access peer-reviewed

30. Electromagnetic Scattering Analysis of Simple Targets Embedded in Planar Multilayer Structures: Remote Sensing Applications

By Sidnei J. S. Sant Anna, J. C. da S. Lacava and David Fernandes


Open access peer-reviewed

31. On Performance of S-band FMCW Radar for Atmospheric Measurements

By Turker Ince


Open access peer-reviewed

32. Use of Lidar Data in Floodplain Risk Management Planning: The Experience of Tabasco 2007 Flood

By Ramos J., Marrufo L. and Gonzlez F.J.


Open access peer-reviewed

33. Improving Wetland Characterization with Multi-Sensor, Multi-Temporal SAR and Optical/Infrared Data Fusion

By Laura L. Bourgeau-Chavez, Kevin Riordan, Richard B. Powell, Nicole Miller and Mitch Nowels


Open access peer-reviewed

34. Remote Sensing Rock Mechanics and Earthquake Thermal Infrared Anomalies

By Lixin Wu and Shanjun Liu


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