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1. Modulation of Edible Plants on Hepatocellular Carcinoma Induced by Aflatoxin B1

By Peeradon Tuntiteerawit, Tichakorn Singto, Anupon Tadee and Supatra Porasuphatana

Part of book: Phytochemicals in Human Health [Working Title]

2. Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulations of Self-Assemblies of Liposomes for Drug Delivery Applications

By Ketzasmin Armando Terrón-Mejía, Inocencio Higuera-Ciapara, Evelin Martínez-Benavidez, Javier Hernández and Roberto López-Rendón

Part of book: Liposomes - Advances and Perspectives [Working Title]

3. The Function of lncRNAs as Epigenetic Regulators

By Ana Luisa Pedroso Ayub, Debora D’Angelo Papaiz, Roseli da Silva Soares and Miriam Galvonas Jasiulionis

Part of book: Transcriptional and Post-Transcriptional Regulation [Working Title]

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1. Lipid Peroxidation: Chemical Mechanism, Biological Implications and Analytical Determination

By Marisa Repetto, Jimena Semprine and Alberto Boveris

Part of book: Lipid Peroxidation

2. Algal Polysaccharides, Novel Applications and Outlook

By Stefan Kraan

Part of book: Carbohydrates - Comprehensive Studies on Glycobiology and Glycotechnology

3. Salinity Stress and Salt Tolerance

By Petronia Carillo, Maria Grazia Annunziata, Giovanni Pontecorvo, Amodio Fuggi and Pasqualina Woodrow

Part of book: Abiotic Stress in Plants - Mechanisms and Adaptations


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1. Total Recycle System of Food Waste for Poly-L-Lactic Acid Output

By Kenji Sakai, Pramod Poudel and Yoshihito Shirai

Part of book: Advances in Applied Biotechnology

2. Classification of Anti‐Bacterial Agents and Their Functions

By Hamid Ullah and Saqib Ali

Part of book: Antibacterial Agents

3. Melatonin: A Silent Regulator of the Glucose Homeostasis

By Cristina Manuela Drăgoi, Andreea Letiţia Arsene, Cristina Elena Dinu-Pîrvu, Ion Bogdan Dumitrescu, Daniela Elena Popa, George T.A. Burcea-Dragomiroiu, Denisa Ioana Udeanu, Olivia Carmen Timnea, Bruno Ștefan Velescu and Alina Crenguţa Nicolae

Part of book: Carbohydrate

4. An Introductory Chapter: Secondary Metabolites

By Durairaj Thirumurugan, Alagappan Cholarajan, Suresh S.S. Raja and Ramasamy Vijayakumar

Part of book: Secondary Metabolites - Sources and Applications

5. The Impact of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes on Agriculture and Methods of Control

By Gregory C. Bernard, Marceline Egnin and Conrad Bonsi

Part of book: Nematology - Concepts, Diagnosis and Control

6. Vitamin C: An Antioxidant Agent

By Fadime Eryılmaz Pehlivan

Part of book: Vitamin C

7. Cytokines and Interferons: Types and Functions

By Vinicius L. Ferreira, Helena H.L. Borba, Aline de F. Bonetti, Leticia P. Leonart and Roberto Pontarolo

Part of book: Autoantibodies and Cytokines

8. Processing and Visualization of Metabolomics Data Using R

By Stephen C. Grace and Dane A. Hudson

Part of book: Metabolomics - Fundamentals and Applications

9. Discriminatory Power of Agarose Gel Electrophoresis in DNA Fragments Analysis

By Seow Ven Lee and Abdul Rani Bahaman

Part of book: Gel Electrophoresis - Principles and Basics

10. DNA Polymorphisms: DNA-Based Molecular Markers and Their Application in Medicine

By Salwa Teama

Part of book: Genetic Diversity and Disease Susceptibility