Nouha Bouayed Abdelmoula

Medical University of Sfax, Tunisia

Nouha Bouayed Abdelmoula is a Professor and Senior Lecturer at the Medical University of Sfax, Tunisia. She is the director of the Genomics of Signalopathies at the Service of Precision Medicine Laboratory (LR23ES07 MESRS). She earned her MD, MSc, and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Tunisia and she received her training in Medical Genetics, Cytogenetics, Molecular Biology and Genetic Counseling at the Universities of France (Paris). She is a specialized physician (MD) in histology, embryology, and genetics and a pioneer researcher in biological engineering (Ph.D.) and molecular biology (MSc). Her research projects within LR23ES07 aim to promote translational medicine and expedite new paradigms in medicine and health while studying the signaling pathways in human development and diseases.

Nouha Bouayed Abdelmoula

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The field of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) analysis has undergone impressive advancement, mainly due to the advent of modern high-throughput genotyping technologies and the emergence of innovative algorithms and computational methods, leading to exciting applications in human health. This book presents fundamental and recent aspects of SNP analysis techniques and applications in the new era of precision medicine. It includes six chapters that discuss a panoply of advanced aspects related to the clinical relevance of SNP analysis in diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive values in human health.

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