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Rural Development

Manuel Vaquero Pineiro

University of Perugia

Dr. de Salvo earned her Ph.D. at the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. She is a member of the Academic Board at the Department of Political Sciences, University of Perugia. Her main research interest is focused on the study of Sociology and the promotion of the territory and Urban and Rural Sociology. About the Book


Evolution of Phenomenon Practices and Strategies Local Community Revitalization Production Diversification Social Agriculture Food Tourism Rural Sustainable Practices Collective Well-being Active Citizenship Participation Sentiment of Places Regeneration Projects and Practices

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About the book

Deepening the theme of rural development and its related landscape leads first of all to a reflection on the social transformations of rural areas following the process of modernization and globalization. Over time, the rural landscape has played an increasingly important role with the affirmation of its nature as a collective asset. It assumes in itself aspects which are crucial for the maintenance and development of the individual and collective well-being of communities and of territorial quality. Having overcome the purely aesthetic vision of the landscape, which was based above all on the themes of beauty and uniqueness, there is a need for a comparison with the complexity and relevance that characterize it. The rural landscape, for a long time placed in a secluded position, is now being rediscovered not only to support more solid, sustainable and sustainable local development strategies, but also to try to offer alternatives to neoliberal policies. Analyzing development and the rural landscape means study the perspectives of regeneration of space, social and settlement systems and means paying attention to new production processes and new ways of living. In recent years the rural landscape has assumed a central role in agricultural, territorial and landscape planning and programming. In particular, the quality of the landscape plays a strategic role in EU agricultural policies, as it contributes to meeting the new needs and opportunities related to the multifunctionality of agricultural activity and its renewed social and environmental functions.

Particular attention is paid to the rural landscape, as the depository of traditions, narratives, experiences, historical and social memory, and more and more a place of entertainment, recreational activities, second homes and an alternative place to urban residential areas. The book aims to explore these new visions of rural development which are the consequence of the most recent redefinitions of the local rural identity. They also reflect a cultural interest in rurality, which stimulates new social practices and demands which can also lead to a new rural competition. The book also aims to analyze how rural development has undergone an intense social and economic restructuring by witnessing a transition from productivism to post-productivism. The influence of post-productionism, especially in rural areas has in fact brought about numerous changes with a greater focus on the relationship between agriculture-environment-local heritage and consumers.

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About the editor

Manuel Vaquero Pineiro

University of Perugia

Manuel Vaquero Piñeiro, PhD in Modern and Contemporaney History by l’University of Cantabria (Spain), since 2006 he is professor of economic history at the University of Perugia (Italy). In 2010 he received the international award Daria Borghese for studies on the history of the Renaissance in Rome. Among his main research interests include the socio-economic transformation of the agriculture. Main publications: Le temps de travail dans l’agriculture italienne : les traités agricoles (XVIe-XIXe siècles), in Les temps du travail. Normes, pratiques, évolutions (XIVe-XIXe siècle), Corine Maitte e Didier Terrier (eds.), Presses Universitaires de Rennes, Rennes, 2014, pp. 195-212; Wheat-storage in Fascist Italy: evolution and policies, in Property rights and their violations. Expropriations and confiscations, 16th-20th century / La propriété violée. Expropriations et confiscations, XVIe-XXe siècles, Luigi Lorenzetti, Michela Barbot, Luca Mocarelli (eds./éds.), Bern-Wien, Peter Lang 2012; Rastrellare il grano”. Gli ammassi obbligatori in Italia dal fascismo al dopoguerra, “Società e storia”, 148 (2015), pp. 257-293; Readings for farmers: Agrarian almanacs in Italy (eighteenth-twentieth centuries), “The agricultural history review”, 63, 2, 2015, pp. 243-264; The Diffusion of Italian Wine in the United States (1861-1914). La difusión del vino italiano en los Estados Unidos (1861-1914), “Rivar. Revista Iberoamericana de viticultura, agroindustria e ruralidad“, 5, 15, 2018, pp. 176-196; Italian Wine in Argentina (1861-1914): Market, State Intervention and Wineries, “Storia Economica”, anno XXII, 2 (2019), pp. 331-360; Rural Tourism and Territorial Development in Italy, in Sustainable Assessment at the 21st century, ed. by Maria José Bastante-Ceca, London, IntechOpen, 2020.

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