Jana Mali

University of Ljubljana

Associate Prof. Dr Jana Mali has dedicated her professional career to working with older people. Her scientific research and teaching activities involve social work with older people, and people with dementia, supervision in social work, social work methods, long-term care, and action research. Her bibliography includes more than 400 scientific and professional works that have been published nationally and internationally. She has written five scientific monographs in which she deals with institutional care for older people, long-term care, and social work with people with dementia. She is Vice Dean for Research, Development, and Doctoral Studies and Head of Chair of Long-Term Care at the Faculty of Social Work, the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Jana Mali

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We are often confronted with unknown events that plunge us into ignorance, unpredictability, and various hardships. In such situations, it is essential how fundamental human values and rights such as dignity, freedom, equality, and solidarity are protected. Ensuring human rights in contemporary society is a complex area described in this book from the perspective of conceptualising and defining human rights, institutional responses, and practices to protect human rights, ensuring social justice and equality in contemporary society. The book is a compilation of interdisciplinary and international experiences in researching human rights, responding to human rights violations, and ensuring the enforcement of rights at the level of the daily lives of individuals, communities, and society as a whole.

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